[PnP] Online Character Creator

Scott Adams longshot at cybermax.net
Mon Apr 5 01:23:42 CEST 2010

At 04:33 PM 4/4/10, Floyd Resler wrote:
>        Actually I was using v1.  I'll take a look at v2.  And I've only been  
>testing it so far in Safari.  I haven't tried it in the evil IE!   
>Thanks for taking a look!
v1 is fine for a good test case.  But v2 does have the mroe classes and halfbreeds and tons more algorithms to write.  

I believe Firefox is the current #1 browser according to a show I watch on tech stuff and some market share/stats.  But still need to write for the evil ones NS and IE :<

I had to dummy down my browser due to a stupdi website that sends me a 4 meg file each time I simply click on a link.  it has HUGE security and slows things down even on high speed and such.  So I may have stripped some security and java off to get the page you did going.  Once I finish with this stupid idiotic site I'll smarten up things and can test it better.

Its funny though that a older NS viewed all the stuff fine but a newer one didn't...I love and hate java programming :)

Just wish I had time to do a character generator.  Give me about 2 months of slack work and no projects i could get it done likely.

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