[PnP] A Question For Anyone Who Might Know (Richard Snider)

Kototh TheEldestElder kototh at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 21 07:42:26 CET 2010

**Paul L. Ming wrote
   That is ill news indeed. :( Personally, I ranked Richard right up 
there next to Gygax and Arnson as far as how they helped shape my life 
with regards to role-playing and even more personal aspects, such as 
fairness and compromise. He will sorely be missed by all.**

I hear you, believe 
me.  I am not thrilled to deliver the news, but I felt you all should know.   
Richard not being one of the 'popular A-List game designer Celebrities' and 
such, I figured was keeping such news from reaching everyone.  It is hard to 
talk about, but I feel you all deserved to know.  I appreciate your comments as 
well, it really is wonderful to hear these kinds of things, I know how wonderful 
things like this made him feel.  I know many of you reached out to him 
personally with comments like these over the years and he always enjoyed 
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