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I think any sort of weapon would work for the Executioner skill, assuming that you have a bound and helpless victim.  After all, you can kill a person with a pencil if you know where to strike and the person is helpless to defend.
So you get the standard bonuses from the combat charts for a helpless opponent *and* the additional bonuses from the Executioner skill.  
On your knees, bound and facing away from an enemy is a bad place to be.

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How do you think the executioner skill should be used?
     An Executioner is skilled in killing bound or helpless targets AND in the effective use of torture. The damage plus applies when the target is unaware of the Executioner or unable to defend itself. The effect is as specified below.
Executioner Skill Effect

Type of Hit Scored 

Damage Plus

Type of Hit Scored 

Damage Plus

Normal or Shield *       

EL/2 (RU)

Deadly Hit                               

EL* 2

Severe Hit                                  



*In this circumstance, any Shield Hit is a Normal Hit. When the skill is used against a defenseless or immobile target, the EL*2 is subtracted from the attack roll.
     Torture allows the Executioner to question prisoners. The Prisoner answers the question, with at least partial truth, if the Executioner rolls:
(EL*6)- Victim’s Stamina/2) or less
The time to torture and ask one question is 1D6 tactical turns. The damage inflicted in doing so is 1D3 hit points. No Combat Experience is gained for damage scored in this way. 
The Executioner is capable of telling when he is bringing his subject close to death. He may stop at any time. The chance the victim passes out is a percentage of his total hit points.
EXAMPLE — The torturer has inflicted 13 hits on a person who takes 20. There is a 65% chance the person passes out. The person will be unconscious 1/2 hour per hit point inflicted.
IMPORTANT — The chance the victim passes out is rolled after each damage inflicting session. The best members of this profession are also skilled as healers, herbalists and scholars of anatomy.
Say the character has captured and bound a victim,and uses the skill to kill them with, say, a dagger.  Does the skill still apply?  Or must he use an executioner's axe.  Keep in mind that under those circumstances, -20 is subtracted from the to-hit roll, as well as the damage class increasing by one (deadly becomes fatal, severe becomes Deadly, etc.).  Now, that -20 and the damage class thing happens for ANYONE attacking the victim.  The executioner, if successful with his skill, would also get the EL*2 subtracted from the attack roll (he knows best how to control the victim and keep him from squirming?) AND the extra damage listed above.
How would you determine the dificulty level of the execution?  Other restrictions?
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