[PnP] does anybody have a copy of the book of tables?

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Wed Mar 27 04:27:36 CET 2013

Welcome to the list.  I've even used the game for over 25 years and 
still look stuff up so nothing is never perfect sense. :) Its like 
which of hte pmagic destroys items on failure..enchant or 
ensorcel...etc...I always get the one confused and have to look that up.
Back some 20 years ago before pdfs and fancy stuff like Word I did my 
own file based on the GM screens which was 90%+ of the book of 
tables.  If you buy the BOT box you get the GM screens which are more 
useful than the book.  The tables are more generic for deisgn and characters.

But my GMscreen. txt is combo of the 3 screens.  Believe 1 was 
Combat/Magic, One encountes/treasure...hmmm..too lazy to find the 
screens but I think the othe rwas characters/Skills/etc.

With that said though even if you had BOT things change with 
v2.  Just yesterday I noticed a spell changed that reduced a casting 
cost addon of x10 to x5 so Richard halved it. Like all those BMCs a 
great deal changed in v2.  So a lot of edits would be needed in the 
bot for v2.  My own gmscreen file is v1 but I still use it since most 
of that like the combat or magic tables dn't recall major 
changes.  ACTUAL combat/magic tables not the related combat/magic 
tables like modifiers and such.

But we are here to help if confused by rules.  Might get different 
answers but will get something. :)

At 11:58 PM 3/24/2013, you wrote:
>Hello all!
>Trying to relearn the rules.
>It is slow going, but everything makes
>perfect sense, unlike D&D where they have well written mood creating stories,
>but rules that seem arbitrary.
>Am going to use my own world--fascinating to look at the perilous 
>lands, but they are too buig for me.
>I have everything but the book of tables.
>If anybody has a pdf copy of the tables
>I would be eternally grateful to get a copy of it.
>I think I could make my own table document, but would love to see 
>the original!
>Thanks! Loving being on this list and listening to people that know 
>what they are doing
>with P&P!
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