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One thing you could have done is posted the link to the game forum here.
Give it some time and you can always try again.

Allan, the Shadowsmith

On Thu, Sep 15, 2016 at 4:51 PM, Thomas O. Magann Jr. <tmagann at earthlink.net
> wrote:

> The Interest Check is just that: An interest check to see if there is
> enough interest to start a game. The actual Game ad goes under Player's
> Wanted. After I had enough interest expressed, I put a link to the game int
> he IC thread, under Game Proposals, and the moderators closed it out to
> further posting. I also placed an actual Game Ad under Player's Wanted. No
> one used either link to the game.
> Actually joining a game is done through the game's own forum. There is a
> banner at the top of the thread list that states you aren't in the game
> yet, and provides a link to use to apply.
> As to whether 3 weeks is a long time or not for an RPoL ad... it is for a
> new game. If there is actual interest, you rarely need one repost, which
> can't even be done until a week has passed. I have been using the site for
> a few years now (Since Irony.com shut down, so maybe more than a few, as I
> think on it), I have some familiarity with how it works.
> I had 4 that expressed interest on the IC. Only one who actually made the
> effort to go to the game and apply. It could be that no one took the time
> to learn how RPoL worked, of course, but the lists are well marked. And
> that was after 3 Player's Wanted posts.
> To me, that's a lack of interest. In fact, it's why folks do ICs on
> Proposals.
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> >At 03:04 PM 9/15/2016, you wrote:
> >>I can't just sign folks up blind. That's not how RPoL works. You
> >>have to actually press the Apply button on the specific game forum
> >>and get your account info sent tot he GM. And you didn't. Only 2
> >>did, a husband and wife.
> >
> >I went to that page and posted interest.  That may be the issue.  its
> >not that clear and easy to use such a site. Which I figured for
> >others as well.  I don't recall a apply just a message area for
> >interest.  /Guess that was the issue with others.
> >
> >>And 3 weeks is actually a very long time to wait for folks that have
> >>expressed interest then failed to apply. Usually those folks do it
> >>in 1 day or so, if the GM links the game forum to the IC thread, which I
> did.
> >
> >
> >Then its a big miss understanding for all.  As to 3 weeks I couild
> >argue there.  When wout's site went down folks missed some of the
> >details until a month later.  Some don't read daliy as well.  I know
> >some I chat with here only read every few weeks.  Month?  3
> >Months?  I guess relative to personal will power. :)
> >
> >
> >>No, Scott, there just wasn't enough actual interest on RPoL for P&P,
> >>as evidenced by the lack of the minimal effort required to join it.
> >
> >Rpol but you had at least 4 here.  So to me seems like its rpol
> >:)  We'll blame it. :)
> >
> >
> >
> >>Also, I don't know who Caladan's player was, but I'm fairly sure it
> wasn't me.
> >Wow.  I totally zoned out.  Tom Crockett ran Caladan.  So for some
> >reason I was like tom to Thomas..tom...? see :)
> >Too many players over the decades. :<
> >But I checked my online characters of campaign link and bam saw
> >it.  My Bad.  Sorry.
> >
> >But you are welcome to join regardless.
> >I do appreciate your posting activity here.
> >
> >
> >
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