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does not really cover the level of detail that you are looking for.

There is not really a rule in the books as far as I can tell. Within the 
rules you could use ensorcellment and luck to create an item that grants 
EL+1 on skill use. That would be fine for other skills. For or80 skills 
it is a bit limited.

But IMO keeping within the spirit of the rules, you could allow
   EL+1 for other skills
   (EL+1)x5 for or 80 skills
and use enchantment as the permanent magic skill to cast.

(My reasoning for the times 5: it is a percentage chance increase for or 
80 skills. The percdntage mdoifier for weight is the one I go by, it 
uses 5% steps. If this gives to much improvement for you, go for times 2 
or 3.)

You might want to allow specific uses only, depending on the item and 
skill in question.

EXAMPLE - An enchanted rope grants an EL+1 bonus on climbing skill 
attempts. An enchanted anvil grants (EL+1)x5 bonus on Blacksmithing work.


On 12-09-16 18:02,  Thomas O. Magann Jr. wrote:
> Is there an magazine article or rules reference for this? Because the
> spell description limits it to a bit of expertise that can result in no
> more than a single percentage point in skill.
> Mind you, a GM can rule however they want, I'm just wondering if there
> is a rule somewhere I've missed or forgotten that allows for more than
> the spell description does.
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>     The Knowledge spell can be used by ensorceling it into the item to
>     provide a skill or skill improvement.
>     On Sun, Sep 11, 2016 at 5:35 PM, David Sanders
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>         Ok...say a character wants to create a magic item that improves
>         a skill...some enchantment, I would think.  Now, we have two
>         kinds of skills..."or 80” skills and weapon or 'other' skills.
>         So...what formula for EL increase should be used?  Doe the Mage
>         have to know the skill to enchant the item?
>         For "or 80" skills, I was thinking an increase of EL cast or
>         random between EL of Enchantment spell up to 2x spell EL,
>         depending on preparations made...quality of item enchanted, or
>         rarity of the materials, etc.  For the non-80 skills, maybe
>         (EL+1)/2 roundup?
>         Thots?
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