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At 04:20 PM 9/20/2016, you wrote:
>Thanks Scott, but I am done with Book 3 for now (only Ch. 2 to 
>format, but the scan quality there is quite good.) Found a partial 
>version of the creature generation rules in one of the version 2 
>drafts from Richard. Ended up handtyping the missing pieces.

Ironically it may be the copy I typed up :)  I sent it to him with 
the v2 monsters in that file.  But yeah its good stuff shouldn't have errors.

>Still, all texts and tables especially from Book 4 would be helpful. 
>Whatever you can send.
Book 4 is messy very messy.
I only did rough noteson this way back in '80s.
I can send you at least the tables though.
But my notes are not professional for a website :<
I send the flie soon.

Ok.     .pdf you probably alreayd have...
book4.txt is my hodgepodge very messy file from '80s. Might could at 
least cut/paste teh charts and fill in gaps later?
nmagic.text is the natural magic stuff I typed then and notes.
AGain these are sloppy files.  personal notes only.
But coudl at least filel in gaps with the charts and get the bulk of that done?
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   1.4 City Encounters
       Basic Chance
         Area Type                  Day    Night
         Cemetary                   5 %     20 %
         Main Road                  5 %     10 %
         Market/Shop               20 %     10 %
         Military Area             30 %     20 %
         Poor District             10 %     25 %
         Poor Road                 10 %     20 %
         Private House             20 %     25 %
         Private Room              10 %      5 %
         Public Building           15 %      5 %
         Rich District             10 %     15 % 
         Tavern/Inn                15 %     25 %
         Warehouse/Wharf Distrct   15 %     30 %

       1.41 If area has POOR in it and member of party is obviously wealth
         x2 chance, if obviously foreign x2 as well.  If both then x3 only.
       1.42 If party physically imposing or threatening encounter chance
         is halved, RU after 1.41 is applied.
       1.43 Basic Encounter Tables
         Cemetary            Day   NIght
           Staff Member      1-15   1-5
           Guard, Private   16-20   6-15
           Animal           21-25  16-30
           Funeral Service  26-35    --
           Criminal         36-40  31-45
           Citizen          41-65  46-50
           Foreigner        66-80  51-60
           Creature*        81-85  61-80     * Roll on creature table book 3
           Merchant         86-90  81-82
           Street Gang      91-94  83-88
           Crowd            95-97  89-91
           Other            98-100 92-100 
         Main Road
           Guard             1-2    1-8
           Beggar            3-12   9-15
           Citizen          13-30  16-35
           Recruiter        31-35  36-38
           Criminal         36-45  39-53
           Foreigner        46-60  54-60
           Magician           61    61
           Animal           62-65  62-70
           Street Gang      66-70  71-80
           Merchant         71-90  81-85
           Military Column  91-98  86-88
           Other            99-100 89-100
         Market / Shop
           Guard, Private    1-10   1-15
           Guard            11-20  16-25
           Merchant         21-30  26-30
           Beggar           31-45  31-34
           Criminal         46-50  35-50
           Citizen          51-65  51-55
           Recruiter        66-70  56-60
           Foreigner        71-75  61-65
           Magician         76-77    66
           Animal           78-85  67-80
           Crowd            86-95  81-85
           Other            96-100 86-100
         Military Area
           Guard             1-40   1-25
           Military Column  41-60  26-30
           Officer          61-65  31-33
           Citizen          66-70  34-36
           Merchant         71-75  37-40
           Recruiter        76-80  41-50  
           Foreigner        81-85  51-60
           Magician           86   61-62
           Animal           87-90  63-75
           Criminal         91-95  76-90
           Other            96-100 91-100
         Poor District
           Guard             1-5    1-2
           Citizen           6-15   3-25
           Peasant Citizen  16-35  26-50
           Criminal         36-40  51-55
           Recruiter        41-45    56
           Foreigner        46-52  57-60
           Street Gang      53-65  61-73
           Magician         66-67    74
           Beggar           68-75  75-85
           Animal           76-85  86-95
           Crowd            86-95  96-99
           Other            96-100   100
         Poor Road
           Beggar            1-5    1-13
           Guard             6-15  14-16
           Citizen          16-30  17-30
           Criminal         31-40  31-50
           Recruiter        41-50  51-52
           Foreigner        51-62  53-60
           Magician           63     61
           Animal           64-73  62-75
           Street Gang      74-85  76-90
           Crowd            86-90  91-92
           Other            91-100 93-100
         Private House
           Staff Member      1-20   1-15
           Family Member    21-30  16-35
           Citizen          31-40  36-40
           Merchant         41-55  41-48
           Criminal         56-65  49-65
           Animal           66-75  66-85
           Street Gang      76-80  86-95
           Crowd            81-90  96-97
           Guard            91-95    98
           Other            96-100 99-100
         Private Room
           Guard, Private    1-10   1-3
           Staff Member     11-20   4-10
           Recuirer         21-30  11-20
           Magician           31   21-22
           Creature*        32-34  23-30   * Roll on creature table 
           Citizen          35-55  31-40     Book 3 
           Criminal         56-65  41-55
           Animal           66-70  55-70
           Merchant         71-80  71-75
           Messenger        81-85  75-85
           Other            86-100 86-100
         Public Building
           Guard             1-20   1-25
           Merchant         21-30  26-30
           Staff Member     31-40  31-35    * If in public Arena, Gambler
           Citizen          41-55  36-40      Else Tax Collector
           Foreigner        56-65  41-50
           Criminal         66-75  51-60
           Gambler*         76-80  61-65
           Magician           81     66
           Beggar           82-90  67-80
           Crowd            91-95  81-90
           Other            96-100 91-100
         Rich District
           Guard             1-15   1-25
           Citizen          16-25  26-30 
           Noble Citizen    26-30  31-40
           Criminal         31-35  41-50
           Recruiter        36-40  51-53
           Foreigner        41-45  54-55
           Magician           46   56-57
           Merchant         47-65  58-65
           Beggar           66-85  66-75
           Animal           86-88  76-80 
           Other            89-100 81-100
           Guard, Private    1-4    1-10
           Staff Member      5-15  11-20
           Beggar           16-30  21-30
           Gambler          31-33  31-40
           Drunkard         34-38  41-48
           Criminal         39-45  49-58
           Citizen          46-65  59-65
           Recruiter        66-75  66-70
           Foreigner        76-85  71-75
           Magician          86    76-77
           Brawl            87-90  78-90
           Other            91-100 91-100
         Warehoue / Wharf District
           Guard, Private    1-3    1-10
           Guard             4-12  11-15
           Merchant         13-24  16-20
           Recruiter        25-30  21-30
           Citizen          31-45  31-35
           Animal           46-60  36-50
           Criminal         61-70  51-70
           Beggar           71-80  71-75
           Foreigner        81-93  76-83
           Street Gang      94-96  84-90
           Other            97-100 91-100

       1.431 Encounter Descriptions
          1  1D6 Dog I     6 2d10 Rats**
          2  2d6 Dog II    7 Horse
          3  1 Cat         8 Mule
          4  1d3 Cats      9 Donkey
          5  1d6 Rats**   10 Other animal*
          * Other animal, wild or diseased EL 1d6 Disease on 1d10 of 1-2
          ** Rats 
          AHP 2   OCV 0  DCV 2  NWI +3
          S 1(-1) St 6   D 6    A 12
          MR 8    NAV 0  MDV 0  NF NA
          Enl 1   CDF 1  CL NA  DTV 0
          INT 2   HC 4%
          SS Nocturnal Scavenger/Omnivore
           1d3 beggars if given money 40% chance of 2d6 more
           of those 1d3-1 will be cutpurses
         Brawl - 1d6 attackers/1d3 defenders close to party in inn/tavern
         Cemetary - Undead/spirits common
         Citizen - Roll station -5 if in poor area
            1  Mistaken Identify
           2-3 Bravado
           4-5 Request for Aid
            5  Interested in something player said
           7-8 Curosity
            9  A Proposition
           10  Insulted by something player had said
           Proposition - money job Stationx1d10+1 SC
            1  Assassin - 1(1d6)
           2-3 Thief      1d3*(1d6)
           4-6 Thugs      2d6
           7-10 Cutpurse  1(1d6)
           () used for high areas of profit or safe areas
         Creature - Book 3
         Crowd - 10x1d10 folks interested in something
         Drunk - 25% chance if attacked he has friends to protect him
         Foreigner - Roll station if 3+ 1d3 Guards else 1d3-1 companions
         Funeral Service - 1d10xstation)+1d10 folks in crowd for deceased
         Gambler - 40% chance he is a professional odds in his favor 
         Guard - 1d6 guards encountered
         Guard, Private - trained solider
         Magician - IF shaman 1d6-2 barbarian guards, if sidh elves
           wizard - civilized humans 
         Military Area - REstricted area in some cases
         Military Column - 1d10x(1d10+10) if 200 more than one type
         Merchant - could be normal or magical, 30% chance of telling truth
           50% chance he is a fence, 25% of base price neg down
         Messenger - 1-3 Business proposition 4-5 A trap 6 Need help
           50% chance they know more info than message
         Noble Citizen - See citizen, Roll 1d3 for 4, 6, 10 station
         Officer - 1-25 Ensign   61-75  Major
                  26-45 Lt.      76-86 Colonel
                  46-60 Captain  87-95 General
             All above major have 1d6 guards per grade increase after captain
             General 3d6 guards
         Other -   natural disasters, etc.
         Poor Areas, road - 
         Private House - 
            1-20  Gambling Parlor        66-75 Gentlemen's Club    
           21-30  Fraternal Society      76-88 Guild House
           31-40  Private School         89-90 Criminal Guild House
           41-45  Black Market Shop       91   Smuggler's Den
           46-50  Illegal Goods          92-95 Bath House
           51-55  Secret Society         96-99 Ladies Association
           56-65  Moneylending            100  MAgical Giuld or Owner
         Private Room  - private inn/tavern room
         Public Building - open to all in city
         Peaseant Citizen - 1d2 Station - 0 or 1 like citizen
         Recruiter -   Guard Recruiter      Citizen Recruiter
                 1-15 Army Service          Guard Force
                16-30 Naval Service         Messenger
                31-50 Garrison Service      Caravan Guard
                51-60 Guard Service         Sea Voyage
                61-65 Spy                   Bodyguard
                66-80 Courier               Thug or Assassin
                81-100 Other                Other
           Spy - pay 1d10x1d10SC on leave/returno of info in 1d10 months limit
           Thug - station x station (of victim) cc in pay
           Assassin - 3x pay of thug, untrained Assassins may be hired
             but if Assassin's Guild finds out then hirer and assassin
             may be killed if found out.
           Other Services - determined by the referee
           Rich District - heavilly patrolled and surrounded by walls
           Staff Member - butlers, entertainers, etc.
           Street Gang - Require tribute, city youths, if using Creation
             Variation system subtract 10.  Generally young, each gang
             has 2d10 members, all male.  Leaders (10% RU) may be armed  
             with Swords and other well made weapons.  Others armed with
             throwing daggers, clubs, bricks, etc.
           Tavern/Inn - All parameters left up to Referee.

       1.44 Hamlets and Village      
            A) Housing is considered Poor District. No street gangs.
               if street gang rolled Cermonial Meeting, Festival, or
               Religious Ceremony of some kind.
            B) At least 1 Inn, some market space and shops.  Items
               restricted to needs of native people and local production.
            C) Only public building is Castle or Manor and may have a 
               church or temple.  
            D) Main road bisects hamlet/village mainly 1 road no poor 
               roads unless village size is adequate (500+ people).
            E) Unless village is within 10 miles of major city and
               population is at least 800, will be no rich district or
               warehouse district.  If rich district exists surrounded
               by manors, fields and pastures.  Most things (shops, etc.)
               are on the main road.
            F) Encounters should contain rural population aspects
            G) Local military area is local castle if exist, if not
               then some special building for constabulary and other 
               officials.  The number of Constables and soliders should
               not exceed 1d10% of the total population (RU).
       1.5  City Margins
            City, Hamlet or village should have 200 people in order to
            have these areas and be near those sites.  
        1.51 City margins have scattered dwellings, organized fields and
            pastures. orchards and other like items.  
        1.52 Standard human encounter chance    
                Encounter type     Day   Night
            Standard Encounter     1-4    1-7
            City Encounter         5-10   8-10
            Standard - chart for civilized humans, city - standard city
            charts of the area type in.
          1.521 If city encounter modify by the following: 
            A) Standard fields/growing areas treated as poor districts.
               Peasants are the worders, Criminals are Bandits/poachers.
               If street gang then Work Gang (2d10 peansants/slaves)
               and 1d6 Guards.  Crowd is in some ceremony, planting or
               harvest group.  
            B) Houses encountered are private houses.
            C) Any road treated as Main Road, poor district modification
               also applies here.
            D) Cemetary are within 1 mile of the Hamlet/village.  Any church
               or temple may have its own cemetary.

       1.6  Aerial Encounters
            D10  Roll Encounter         Roll  Encounter
                 1+2   Wizard            7    Shamans
                 3-5   Wizard's Party   8-9   Shamans and Birds
                  6    Flying Artifact   10   Special Character
            Flying Artifact - Party (may have MU) uses Artifact to fly
            Shaman - In form of Hawk, Eagle, Falcon (roll 1d3)
            Shaman & Birds - As above but with 2d6 birds of the form above
            Special Character - Human with special attribute to fly
            Wizard - Flying wizard, as previous for Wizard
            Wizard's Party - party supported by wizard or some artifact

       1.7  Underground Encounters
            Explorers of 2d6 in number.  Roll d10 if desiered.
            Roll  Encounter             Roll Encounter
              1   Wizard's Party         5-7 Adventurers
              2   Shaman's Party          8  Character's Party
              3   Exploring Solider*      9  Lost
              4   Escapee                10  Outcast Camp**
            * 2d6 soliders guarding 1d3 people seeking mineral wealth,
              treasure if civilzed area.  IF barbarian then 2d6 Warriors
              seeking adventure.  If wild Band Camp of Wild Men.
            ** As described previously
        1.71 Special Undergrounds
            Special purpose undergrounds should be left up to Referee.

   2) Treasure System
          Creature Relavent Creatures chance in lair
               SS          Day   Night
            Diurnal        25     75
            Nocturnal      75     25
            Intermediate   50     50
            Guardian      100%   100%
         Lair Treasture Chart - # of Items found * +1 to rolls in 2.21
            Afanc                   4*    Elementals, Slyph**        10
            Ahuras, Ahura**         5     Elementals, Water Beast    12
            Ahuras, Amaliel**       6     Elementals, Water Serpent  16*
            Ahuras, Hafaza**        8     Elementals, Undine**        8*
            Ahuras, Kerubin**      10     Elf**                      20*
            Ahuras, Maskela        12     Faerry**                   25*
            Alal**                  9     Gargoyle**                  6
            Alfar**                30*    Giants, Earth               9
            Akhkharu, Immortal**   13     Giants, Fire**             12*
            Akhkhara, Lamia**       4     Giants, Frost**            10
            akhkharu, Vampire**     8     Giants, Mountain**         18*
            Asaghi**                8*    Giants, Storm**            15*
            Asrai                  15*    Goblin**                    8
            Baobhan Sith**          3*    Great Ape**                 4
            Beasts, Corruption      8*    Great Serpent               9*
            Beasts, Disorder**      9     Great Spider                6*
            Beasts, Kekoni         15     Griffin                     8*
            Beithir                 8     Grundwergen                10
            Bouba                   3*    Human**                Station+1
            Bush Warrior**          2     Hydra                      16*
            Centaur**               8     Jinn Races, Ifret**         9*
            Chimana**               5*    Jinn Races, Jinn**         10*
            Chimera                 9     Jinn Races, Peri**         15*
            Dae'ta Koti            12     Lammashta**                 2*
            Daoine Sidhe**         36*    Lich**                    MEL*
            Dead**                  4     Merkabah**                 20*
            Demons, Decay           3     Nushrussu                  12
            Demons, Disease         5     Norggen**                   6*
            Demons, Fiery Spirit    9     Peist                       9*
            Demons, Harab Serapel   4     Roc                        11
            Demons, Heliophobic**   8*    Satyr**                     3
            Demons, Hellhound      12*    Scorpion People**          15*
            Demons, Nergali**       2     Searbhani**                 6
            Demons, Storm**        16     Serpent Women**             3*
            demons, Storm Dragon    6     Sentinel Beast             30*
            Demons, Subterranean   12     Sprite**                    8
            Demons, Terrestial**    5     Trold Folk**               12
            Dragons, Dragon        20     Trolls, Rock Troll**       10
            Dragons, Elder Dragon   7     Trolls, Troll**            16
            Dragons, Wyrm          40*    Trolls, Wood Troll**        8
            Dwarf**                50*    Vily**                      9*
            Edimmu, Corporal**     10     Were-creature               4
            Edimmu, Spiritual**    32*    Wyvern                      8
            Elementals, Fire Lord** 8*    Zehani                     15*
            Elementals, Gnome**     5*

             * Add 1 to rolls in 2.12
            ** Have portable Treasure see 2.1111 

        2.1111 Portable Tresaure
             Ahuras, Ahura, Amaliel - weapons
             Ahuras, Hafaza - Armor/Weapons
             Ahuras, Kerubin - Weapon, Chariot good as magical conveyance
               if Flaming steeds are avaliable and controlled.  Otherwise
               worthless as normal vehicle.  Chariot made of valuable
               metals and materials.
               Alal - Personal weapon, Robe EL5 Immunity vs any Death Powers
                 and MEL10/EL5 Fascination for Demon steeds
               Alfar - Scale Male, Weapon, Elven Bow w/2d10 Elven Arrows,
                 All have 1d3* pieces of Jewelry on person.  If trained MU
                 then 1d3* magical items.  Clothing is 5x Fine Clothing
                 listed in Gear List
               Akhkharu, Immortal
                 5x Fine clothing like Alfar, 25% chance of 1d6 jewelry pieces
               Akhkharu, Lamia
                 Items found on her when she was buried as human.
               Akhkharu, Vampire
                 As for Lamia.  IF creature Variantion AHPx2 then has
                 1d2* chaos aligned magic items.
                 Robe - Total immunity to any power Asaghi can use or that
                 the Asaghi is immune to.  -5 to all combat rolls if 0 or 
                 less result supernatural Balance force tries to reclaim 
                 the robe (attacks wearer).  Wears 1d3 Fine Metal items.
               Baobhan Sith
                 Fine Clothing like Alfar. 1d3 Fine Metal or Jewelry items.
                 Never will have a magic item.
               Beasts, Disorder
                 Upon death 1d6 people disgorged wearing human portables.
                 See Book 3 on Disorder Beasts to see if they are insane.
               Bush Warrior
                 2d10 CC on a string around neck 2x the normal weight per 
                 coin that has holes through it.
                 Intelligent - 1d3 Jewelry, 1d2 Fine Metal items
                 Other - Armed, 60% have wineskins, food bags, linen
                 tunics or furs. Other items up to Referee. 
                 If armed then weapon treasure
               Daoine Sidhe
                 Elven Bow, 2d6 Elf Shot Elven Arrows.  50% per following chance
                 have magical weapon, fine clothing, other magical items,
                 1d3 jewelry, 1d3+1 fine metal.  All trained MUs will have
                 ALL of the other items.  
                 Whatever worn to their grave.
               Demons, Heliophobic
                 Robe - Wearer see in any darkness, ignore effects of 
                   Darkling Light and Death Powers.  Drains 1d6 EnL points
                   per hour or less its worn.  -10 to all encounter rolls.
                   If 0 or less and at night Chaos aligned force, could be
                   supernatural, will attack the wearer only.
               Demons, Nergali - Their weapon
               Demons, Storm - Spear, Fine Clothing (see Alfar) 1d3 Jewelry
               Demons, Terrestial 
                 May have weapon, light armor.  If Creature variation system
                 used and a +2 is found has 1 Fine metal and 1d3 jewelry
                 Weapons, Armor. 10% x Station chance of 1d3 Fine metal or
                 Jewelry items.
               Edimmu, Corporal
                 Any weapon Referee Gives.  Typically high station Humans
                 and will have what they were buried in.
               Edimmu, Spiritual
                 May be Armed with weapon - up to Referee
               Elementals, Fire Lord
                 If clothed armed with weapon.  Cloth EL8 Fire Resistance
                 Immunity.  Will have 2d6 Large gems if clothed.  
               Elemtnals, Gnome
                 Leather or earthen robes.  1d6 Jewelry and 1d3 Fine Metal.
                 Clothing allows 2d10 days to pass through the earth
                 as if it were a Gnome if taken.
               Elementals, Slyph
                 40% chance armorerd, weapon and finely dressed.
                 50% of weapon if exist is magical weapon that can do Aerial
                 and Storm Powers as for Slyph.
               Elementals, Undine
                 40% of 1d3 Fine metal and 1d2* Jewelry items.  IF she
                 is above normal size then magic item if jeweled.  Will
                 NEVER have a magic item that uses any fire.
                 As specified in Book 3.  Items of Jewelry, clothing can
                 be as much as Station +1 squared GC up to the Referee.
               Faerry - Same as Elf but for Faerry
               Gargoyle - 
                 Male may be armed and have crude jewelry.  Females have
                 harnesses of fine metal clasps.  The more valuable the
                 higher the gargoyle status is.
               Giants, Fire
                 Are vain, jealous of possessions and militant in attitude.
                 Fine clothing gives Fire Resistance at MEL/EL of Fire Giant.
                 Always armed, 1d3 Fine Metal, 1d2* jewelry items.  30%
                 chance of a pouch with d100 mixed coins and 2d6 Jewels.
               Giants, Frost
                 IF in humanoid form same as for Giant, Fire otherwise weapon.
               Giants, Mountain
                 Armed with weapon, leather or skins.  1d3xAHP fine metal items
                 # of ITems and value determine rank to kind.  Value of weapon
                 show his status as a Smith of Kotothi.
               Giants, Storm
                 Weapon, Armor.  If more than normal size 1d6xAHP multiple
                 jewels set into the armor.
                 Note - Armor value dentoes status among Storm Giants.
                 Arms and Armor denote status among Kotohi
                 Armed.  Per 5 encountered will have 2d6 coins.
                 Elite will have fine weapons and scale mail.  
                 Will have 2d10xAHP Multiple coins or possisiones of Value.
              Great Ape
                MAles armed with crude weapons and fake jewels.  40%                
                chance that male over normal size has AHP multiplier, RU
                real jewels.
                Max (Station+CEL+MEL) items  
              Jinn Races, Ifreet
                Arms and Armor.  1d6 X AHP multipler, RU jewelry items
                and fine metal.
              Jinn Races, Jinn
                Never armored, 20% armed.  Other as for Ifreet
              Jinn Races, Peri
                Never armed or armored.  Same as Ifreet.  Jewels set in
                Gold and are large.  If over normal size has 1 magic item
                not allgned with Law, Chaos or Kotothi.
                Armed.  1d2 x AHP multiplier, RD jewelry set in black
                stone and jewels are chaos aligned
                As for humans but double the value.  All items are Chaos
                aligned items.
                Armed.  2d6 x AHP multiplier jewelry items.  Golden
                Chariot with silver reigns  Finely dressed.  Chariot is
                usable if harnessed A'Equin otherwise usless as 
                transportation, if so magical transportation.
                Simple garments.  Rarely armed 10% chance equivalent of dagger.
                Pipes made of bone, cone or worthless value unless he is
                above average size then made of fine metal.
              Scorpion People
                Males Armed.  1 male in every group has 1 jewelry item
                not other treasure common.  Famales never armed.  They
                have 1d3x AHP multiplier jewelry items. 30% chance each
                of having a magic item, coins and jewels.  1f size
                multipler (female) 2 then clothing may be worth 2d6 SC.
                Nomads bag carries all possessions (food, water skins, etc.).
                Will have in it equivalent of searbhani lair list items.
              Serpent Women
                As for humands, MDV x AHP multiplier # of items.  If 20+
                then has 1 magic item of chaos aligned.  NEver armed or
                armorered.  Typically coins, jewelry, fine metal, etc.
                May have small jewels and fine metals.  If AHP mulplier
                is 2 or more 1 magic item of Elder alignment.
              Trold Folk
                Most personal wealth on person.  Armed.  Greedy, jealous
                and controlling race.  Type of treasure depends on 
                  01-25 Coins     76-100 Jewelry
                  26-50 Gems     101+    Magic Item *
                  51-75 Jewels  * If size multiplier 2 add 10 to roll
                Each folk will have 1 x AHP multiplier items, RU.
              Trolls, Rock Troll
                Weapons, Crude jewelry.  Any other might be victim items.
              Trolls, Troll
                Common crude weapons.  Elite - Armor with AV (1d3+1).
                Elite might have 1d3xAHP multiplier jewelry/fine metal items.
                King Troll - 1 Magic item of elder aligned.
              Troolls, Wood Troll
                Males - 30% chance of having self-made weapons
                Females - 20% chance of 1 jewelry or jewel, 5% magic item
                Female - 20% chance of jewelry if so 50% of it having 
                elder aligned magic on it.

        2.1112 Other Creatures
          Others not listed in lair table are not associated with treasure.
          But there is a 30% chance of 1d6 treasure items in the area.
          2.113 Lair Layout
        2.112   Area Specific treasure
        2.1121  Common areas          
                     Other          Gems, Jewels  Military    Magic
          Area     Treasure   Coins   Jewelry     Treasure  Treasure
  Barbarian House    1-3        4       5-6        7-10        11
  Barracks           1-3       4-6      ---        7-11        --
  Castle             1-2       3-5       6         7-10        11
    Creature         1-3       4-5      6-7        8-10        11
    Special*         1-4       5-6       7          8         9-11
    Unoccupied       1-4        5        6         7-10        11
    Barracks         1-3       4-5      ---        6-10        11
    Catacombs        1-2       3-4      5-6        7-9        10-11
    Other**           **        **       **         **         **
    Prison           1-5        6        7         8-10        11
    Storage          1-7       ---      ---        8-10        11
    Treasury          1        2-6      7-8        9-10        11
  Fortress           1-2       3-4       5         6-10        11
  Guild Hall #       1-6       7-8       9         10          11
  Hostel             1-5       6-7       8         9-10        11
  Inn                1-6        7        8         9-10        11
  Palace/Mannor      1-3       4-5      6-7        8-9        10-11
  Private House      1-6        7        8         9-10        11
  Private OFfice     1-3       4-6       7         8-10        11
  Public Building    1-3       4-7       8         9-10        11
  Road Tower         1-4       5-6      ---        7-10        11
  Ruin               1-2        3       4-5        6-8        9-10
  Sacred Grove       1-3        4       5-6        7-9       10-11
  Secret Room        1-2       3-5      6-7        8-9       10-11
  School#            1-4       5-6      ---        7-10        11
  Shrine, Roadside   1-5       6-7       8         9-10        11
  Shrine, Temple     1-3       4-6      7-8        9-10        11
  Special Building   ***       ***      ***        ***        ***
  Special Site         @        @        @         @           @
  Stable             1-4        5       ---        6-10       11
  Tavern             1-5       6-7      ---        8-10       11
  Temple             1-3       4-5      6-7        8-10       11
  Tower              1-4        5        6         7-10       11
  Tunnel             1-3        4       5-6        7-9       10-11
  Warehouse          1-7       ---      ---        8-10       ---

     * If cave has religious significance or purposes this roll applies
    ** Areas established by Referee and treasure ranges
   *** Referee chooses the treasure that suits best
     # Majority of items should be made or sold by hall/shop
     @ Referee chooses the treasure that suits best.

     2.2 Treasure Generation
      2.21   Coins
       1d10  Roll  Type  Station*  *=Humans depends on station
             1-3    BB     0+1       Do not roll randomly
             4-7    CC      2
             8-9    SC     3-4
             10+    GC     6+10
      2.211  Per CDF, RD +1 to above roll.
      2.212  Number Found
         Add CDF of largest creature killed to roll (d100) per coin type 
         above:  Roll   # of Coins
                 1-5     2d6
                 6-15    2d10
                16-30    3d10
                31-50    2d10x2
                51-80    d100
                81-100   d100x2
               101-115   d100x3
               116-125   d100x10
               126-130   1d10x200
                131+     2d10x200
      2.2121 Containers
        Can have mechanical traps if wanted.  Unless religious or magical
        signifance then should not have wards.
        Common containers: Chests, small kegs, bottles, bags, nothing,
        vases, hidden* (in alcove blocked by furniture).

      2.22 Gems, Jewels, Jewelry
        2.221 Piece Type  
          1d3* 1=Gem 2=Jewel 3=Jewelry
        2.222 Stone Size
          1d10  Roll   Stone Size   Gem    Jewel    Jewelry
                1-7      Small       2       4        8
                8-9      Medium      3       6       12
                 10      Large       5      10       20

             Note - Gem - Stone not cut/polished.  Jewel - Cut AND polished.
               If jeweler's EL improving the stone is known, add EL/10, RD
               to the factor above.
        2.223 Stone Quality
          Appearance Table
             Roll     Appearance     Factor  
               1     Severly flawed    -5
              2-3    Slight Flaws      -2
              4-7    Minimal Flaws      0
              8-9    Nearly Flawless   +2
               10    Flawless          +5
          Clarity Table
               1     Cloudy            -5
              2-3    Dull, Misted      -2
              4-7    Average            0
              8-9    Fine              +2
               10    Brilliant         +5
          Rarity Table
              1-5    Jet              x 1
              6-12   Garnet           x 1
             13-18   Amethyst         x 1
             19-24   Agate            x 1
             25-30   Jacinth          x 1
             31-36   Turquoise        x 1
             37-41   Jade            x 1.5
             42-46   Carnelian       x 1.5
             47-51   Onyx            x 1.5
             52-56   Opal             x 2
             57-61   Toadstone        x 2
             62-66   Topaz            x 2
             67-71   Serpentine       x 2
             72-76   Snake Stone      x 2
             77-81   Lapiz Lazuli     x 2
             82-86   Carbuncle        x 2
             87-90   Sapphire         x 3
             91-93   Tourmaline       x 3
             94-95   Emerald          x 4
             96-97   Ruby             x 4
               98    Dark Ruby        x 5
               99    Diamond          x 5
              100    Black Diamond    x 5

                Note - Diamonds, Sapphires, Topaz, Rubies, Emeralds,
                  Opals have star form.  If type roll 1d10 if 1 then
                  star form +2 to factor above.  Dark Ruby and Dark Diamond
                  have no star form.

        2.224 Value Determination
          If factor -x to 0 Worthless otherwise roll d100 for table
          Factor       Roll
                   1-50    51-75   76-90   91-100
          1-10    x.5SC    x.6SC   x.8SC   x 1 SC
         11-25    x.6SC    x.8SC   x 1SC   x 2 SC
         26-45    x.8SC    x 1SC   x 2SC   x 4 SC
         46-70    x 1SC    x 2SC   x 4SC   x 1 GC
         71-100   x 2SC    x 4SC   x 1GC   x 2 GC
        101-135   x 4SC    x 1GC   x 2GC   x 4 GC
        136-175   x 2GC    x 2GC   x 4GC   x10 GC
        176-180   x 2GC    x 4GC   x10GC   x20 GC

        2.225 Magic Pieces
          For stones to be magical or have natural magical properties
          must be LARGE AND FLAWLESS.
        2.226 Increasing Value (optional) 
          If jeweler sets gem into jewel or jewelry can re-calc the
          value by the factors of the new type.

      2.23 Fine Metal Items
        Gems in the metal are chips uusally worthless
        2.231 Item Type
          Craftsman's EL/10, RD added to factor, roll of 1d10
            Roll   Type     Factor   Roll      Type    Factor
              1    Ring       1d6     6+7   Necklace    2d10
              2    Amulet    1d10      8    Armband     1d10
              3    Crown     3d10      9    Sceptor    2d10x3
             4-5   Bracelet   2d6     10    Gorget      3d6
        2.232 Metal Type - D100 Roll
            Roll     Type      Factor
              1     White gold    1GC
             2-15   Brass         2cc
            16-25   Iron          3bb
            26-40   Gold          4sc
            41-45   Orichalum**   6sc
            46-55   Nickel        8bb
            56-70   Copper        1cc
            71-75   Platinum     15sc
            76-80   Tin           2bb
            81-95   Silver        2sc
            96-99   Lead          1bb
              100   Other          *

            * Up to Referee and the factor
            ** Finely textured, reddish metal.  Merged properties of
               Gold and copper.  Only found in one place in the MW up to GM.

        2.233 Final Value
          Item Factor times the Metal Factor

      2.24 Other Treasure
        Roll d100
           Roll    Item             Roll    Item
           1-5    Statue           71-75    Drinking Vessel
           6-13   Eating Utensil   76-79    Art Work
          14-18   Plate            80-83    Book
          19-30   Container        84-88    Clothing
          31-35   Keg Goods        89-92    Fine Cloth
          36-40   Furniture        93-96    Musical Instrument
          41-45   Fur               97      Other
          46-50   Fine Covering     98      Exceptional Size*
          51-60   Glass Items      99-100   Exceptional Quality**
          61-70   Tolls          

          * reroll -3 from roll min 1     ** Reroll -2 from roll min 1

        2.241 Treasure Description
          Art Work - Art but not statue value 2d10x5SC
            If Exceptional Quality d10 1-8 2d10x2GC value 9-10 Value AND
            it is a magical item.
          Book - Exceptional Quality Value x 1d6+1.  d10 1-4 Book 5-10 Scroll
            EQ +15 to table roll, bound in jewels/fine metal.

            Book Table - 
               Roll       Subject               Value
               1-20      Common Text              3cc
              21-28      Legal Text               2sc
              29-33      Ribald Literature        7cc
              34-40      Other Literature         1sc
              41-50      Cultural Text            5sc
              51-65      General History          1sc
              66-75      Specific History         3sc
              76-77      Biography                2sc
               78        Autobiography            4sc
              79-85      Philosophical Journal    2gc
              86-95      Travel Journal           6sc
              96-99      Magical Journal         15sc
             100-108     Minor Spell Book         5gc
             109-114     Major Spell Book        15gc
               115       Tome                    50gc

             Major Spell Book - 1d6 spells of specific alignment
              EL 1d6+2 each.  1d10 1-3 Chaos 4-6 Law, 7-8 Balance 9-10 Elder
             Minor Spell - 1d3 spells as for Major
             Ribald - Humorous or perverse tales with a twist short or epic.
             Tome - Cover all aspects of a specific type of magic or
               force to worship.  All ELs are 1d6+6 If info on Natural
               items has where to fine, rites to use and other info.  
               All rites to summon the force that is covered in it.
               Wards to protect tome Highest EL, MEL 2xthat el.

            Scroll Table - d10 1-7 Scroll, 8-10 Map   d100
              Scroll - Roll     Subject                   Value
                       1-10    Message, Old                 0
                      11-15    Message, Valuable           1cc
                      16-25    Inventory                   3bb
                      26-35    Letter, Old                  0
                      36-40    Letter, Valuable            1sc
                      41-50    Formula                     3sc
                      51-57    Medicinal Text              7sc
                      58-65    Proclamation, Old           3cc
                      66-70    Proclamation, Valuable     10sc
                      71-80    Formula, Magical            3gc
                      81-88    Spell Scroll (1)            2gc
                      89-92    Spell Scroll (2)            3gc
                      93-95    Spell Scroll (4)           10gc
                      96-99    Treasure Scroll          2d10x5gc
                       100+    Coded                       x2

              Map - 2d20
                 Roll      Subject      Value
                  2         10 gc             7cc
                  3         20 gc             2sc
                  4         40 gc             3sc
                  5         80 gc             5sc
                  6        160 gc             2gc
                  7        City Map           3bb
                  8        Province Map       7bb
                  9        National Map       3cc
                  10       Area Map           7cc
                  11       Continel Map       3sc
                  12       World Map          2gc
                  13       Other World Map   10gc
                  14       Metaphysical Map  60gc
                  15       320 gc            3gc
                  16       500 gc            7gc
                  17       750 gc           10gc
                  18      1000 gc           15gc
                  19      1500 gc           50gc
                  20+      Unlimited

                  Other World - d10 1-3 Major Area 4-10 One area
                  MEtaphysical - -10 from planar travel rolls
                  Coded - Chance to decode I+W, problem solving chance
                    IF coded new roll if 100 both treasure & spell scroll (1)
                    to negate the guardian/wards
                  formula - medical, chemical formula for an item
                  Formula, Magical MEL/EL as for major spell book
                    IF nonMU then +30-MDV to success roll, if failure d100
                    stun phases, abys- -30 on abys failure table 01<=13
                  Letters, old - 25% historical valuable
                  Medicinal text - 
                    Healing - EL 2d10, 30-EL (elx2 if healer) chance it 
                    is wrong.  
                  Spell Scroll - MEL/EL as for Minor Spell Book,
                    No non-MUers can cast the spell.s
                  Treasure Scroll - ALL coded, 1d6+14 on Map Table for type

          Clothing - 1d6 pieces of clothing, value in book 1 gear list
          Container - Bottles, Skins, pitchers, 2d6 coins of either BB
            or SC depending on type of conainer.
          Drinking Vessel - Goblets, Cups, Mugs, drinking horns.  
            Value - 1d10 BB.  Made of normal metal x2 value, if fine detail
            or ceramic x3 and CC.  Precious metal x2 SC.Jewels then
            size of smallest (only small) jewels for this purpose.
          Eating Utensils - 1d10 mixed type, 2d6 BB base value and
            modified as for Drinking Vessel.  Can change factor by 10
            in either direction up to Referee's discretion.
          Exceptional Quailty - 2d6 x the base value unless stated
            otherwise.  If exceptional poor then 2d6 is divisor of value.
            1d10 if choose 1-7 Good 8-10 Poort quality.
          Exceptional Size - d10 1-5 Larger, 6-10 Smaller
            Larger Roll    % LArger Value  Smaller Roll    %     Value
                    1-30    10       x1            1-30   10    x1
                   31-55    20       x1           31-60   20    x1
                   56-70    25       x1.1         61-80   30    x.9
                   71-79    30       x1.1         81-90   40    x.8
                   80-87    40       x1.2         91-95   50    x.8
                   88-93    50       x1.2          96     60    x.7
                   94-96    60       x1.2          97     70    x.6
                   97-98    70       x1.3          98     75    x.5
                    99      80       x1.4          99     80    x.4
                    100    100%      x1.5         100     90    x.3
                  Can use within 10% (item's) of the person's size
                  otherwise its uselss.

          Fine Cloth - Bolts of d100 yards of cloth
             Roll  Value  Roll   Value
             1-25   1cc  81-88    6cc
            26-45   2cc  89-94    8cc
            46-60   3cc  95-98    1sc
            61-70   4cc    99     2sc
            71-80   5cc   100     3sc

            Up to referre on material, appearance.  Weight - Yards/10, RU.
          Fine Covering 
            Tapestry, rug, hanging.  Value #x#.
            5cc per square foot.  1d6 for width, 2d10+4 for length
            3d10CC.  If Exceptional and/or rare SC.  If Both value x2.
            IF finished item: 
              Type     Value Multiplier
              Belt, Hat     .5
              Stole         1
              Coat, Cloak   2
              Cape, Robe    2.5
          Furniture - Vary by sttion of user
             Station  Value
                0      2 bb
               1-2     5 bb
               3-4     2 cc
                6      2 sc
                10     1 gc
          Glass Items
            d10 1-9 common glass 10 Crstal (3x value listed, only magic)
              Roll  Size    Value   Example
              1-5   Small    1 cc  Glass, Glass Plate, Hand Mirror, Bottle
              6-8   Medium   1 sc  Vase, pitcher, Fine Glassware
              9-10  Large    5 sc  Floor length mirror, glass art
          Keg Goods
            d10 - 1 Rancid bat contents 2-8 (#+2, x10% % of contents full)
              9-10 Empty.
            Keg Size  Roll  Size     Roll   Size
                      1-10  1quart   71-90  20 qt
                     11-25  2 qt     91-95  30 qt
                     26-45  5 qt     96-99  50 qt
                     46-70 10 qt      100  100 qt
            Material Roll   Type          Roll   Type
                     1-5   Beer          46-49  Spices
                     6-8   Good Wine     50-58  Water
                     9-11  Peska         59-62  Ashes
                    12-13  Nails         63-67  Perfume
                    14-16  Grease        68-72  Cheap Wine
                    17-22  Flour         73-74  Goideli Wine
                    23-24  Sand          75-80  Iron Spikes
                    25-30  Dried Fruit   81-85  Soothing Herbs
                    31-35  Ale           86-88  Healing Herb
                    36-37  Fine Wine     89-90  Natrual Magic Material
                    38-40  Salt          91-94  Salted Meat  
                    41-44  Oil           95-99  Other Item
                      45   Naptha         100   Magic Fluid

                      Grease 1bb  Animal fat in cooking value per qt.
                      Flour x1.5  Value for grain, 1 lb = 1 qt
                      Sand   1bb  If buyer can be found
                      Spices 1cc  Pepper, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Gloves, etc.
                      Ashes  None Residue from old fires
                      Perfume 1d10CC Value per oz.
                      Magic Fluid - Potion or Elixir reduce size by 75%, RD
                      1d3* 1=1 keg 2\1d6 3=2d6 keys found depending on encounter

          Musical Instrument
            Wood - 1sc  Metal - 5cc, other -Ref decide
            Value x .25 to 5 factor - how well made
          Other - stuff like magical items
          Plate - value as for drinking vessel if stone multipler = wood
            Small, Med, Large - weight 2d10 x2 (s), x8 (Med), x30 (large)
            Wood - x.5  Metal -x1, Stone - x2 value.
            Value 2d10
                 Roll  Multiplier
               2         .1   12  1
               3         .2   13 1.2
               4         .4   14 1.4
               5         .5   15 1.6
               6         .6   16 1.8
               7         .7   17  2
               8         .8   18 2.5
               9         .9   19  3
               10        1    20  4
               11        1
               Factor x Weight mul cc value if historial/religious x3.
          Tools - various tools

      2.25 Military Treasure
        Roll   Type                    Roll     Type
        1-30  Weapon                  66-70   Miscellaneous
       31-50  Armor                   71-75   Uniform
       51-55  Flag                    76-88   Animal Equipment
       56-65  Shelter and Transport   89-100  Non-Human Manufacture*
         * see 2.252
       2.251 Number Found
         IF armor/weapon +2 to roll, if flag -1  d10
           Roll  NF
           4-    1  10  4
           5-7   2  11+ 5
           8+9   3
       2.252 Non-Human d10
         1-3 Dwarf, 4 Goblin 5 Giant, 6-8 Elf, 9 Troll, 10 Other
        2.2521 General Rules - Each item is ONE item for NF
        2.2522 Other - Creatures of Intellect 5+ or god/demigod items!
        2.2523 Item preference - 
           Dwarf   Weapon, Armor, Misc.
           Goblin  Weapon, Flag, Misc
           Giant   Weapon, Armor, Misc 
           Elf     Weapon, Armor, Misc, Animal Equipment
           Troll   Weapon, Armor
        2.253 Item Description
          Animal Equipment
           1-8    Leather Barding (horse)    63-67  Donkey Harness
           9-14   Chain Barding (Horse)      68-70  Ox yoke
          15-18   Full barding (horse)       71-77  Bridle
          19-25   War leather (dog)          78-85  Saddle
          26-30   War Mail (dog)             86-87  Goad
          31-35   Falconhood                 88-90  Spurs
          36-43   Falconer's Gauntlets       91-93  Whip 
          44-48   Hawk Hood                    34   Bolas
          49-52   Eagle Hood                 95-96  Blinders
          53-56   Dog Harness                 97    Whistle
          57-62   Horse Harness             98-100  Jesses

          Armor -  If made by Elves -20, if Dwarf +20 
             5-   Scale Mail
            6-10  Quilted Armor      61-68  Leather Helmet
           11-20  Leather Armor      69-75  Metal Shield
           21-30  Banded Ring Mail   76-85  Metal Helmet
           31-40  Ring eMail         86-87  Full Helmet
           41-45  Brigandine         88-93  Plate Mail
           46-50  Buckler            94-95  Plate Armor
           51-60  Banded Shield       96    Ornate Plate Armor
                                      97+   Chainmail
          Flag - 7cc normal, 1gc min if rare, historical or religious
          Miscellaneous - 2.24 for value
              1-15  Battle Horn      61-66   Musical Instrument
             16-30  Camp Furniture   67-80   Bedding
             31-35  Maps/Books       81-90   Utensils
             36-50  Tools            91-96   Rope
             51-60  Keg Goods        97-100  Misc. Supplies
          Shelter and Transport
              1-8    1 man tent      51-65   2 man tent
              9-22   4 man tent      66-70   Pavilion
             23-30   tent poles      71-75   sledge
             31-34   Cart            76-78   Small Wagon
             35-40   Wagon           79-85   Large Wagon
             41-43   Great Wagon     86-91   Small Travois
             44-50   Travois         92-100  Litter
              51     Palanquin
            Only worn by Humands/made by. +20% value more than 2.24 value
            1-2    Throwing Dagger      61-62   Darts (2d6)**
            3-7    Fighting Dagger      63-65   Sling
            8-10   Light Lance           66     Heavy Lance
           11-18   Sword                67-69   Hammer
           19-22   Broadsword           70-71   Flail
           23-24   Bastard Sword         72     Club
            25     Great Sword          73-74   Halberd
           26-28   Throwing Axe         75-78   Pike
           29-31   Axe                  79-80   Boar Spear
            32     Battle Axe            81     War Staff
           33-35   Mace                 82-85   Scimitar
           36-40   Light Crossbow       86-87   Tulwar
           41-43   Heavy Crossbow       88-90   Bow
            44     Arbalest             91-92   Longbow
            45     Repeating Crossbow     93    Composite Bow
           46-50   Quarrels (2d6)**       94    Pellets (1d10)**
           51-52   Handle Sling         95-97   Sling Projects (2d6)**
           53-60   Arrows (2d6)**       98-100  OTher*
           * Up to GM ** Roll dice for amount 2.26 
      2.26 Magic Treasures
          Roll  Item Type
          1-25  Potion or Elixir*       56-66  Amulet
         26-35  Powder                  67-75  Talisman
         36-44  Natural Magic Item**    76-90  Military Treasure
         45-49  Jeweled Item            91-96  Want
          50    Named Item ***          97-99  Staff
         51-55  Other Treasure           100   Special Item***
          * Depends on magic type  ** see 2.27  *** 2.261

         Magic Types
           Amulets, Elixirs, Potions, Powders
             1-20   Cure            61-75   Attribute Effect
            21-30   Immunity        76-80   Repel or Banish
            31-34   Communicate     81-83   Attraction
              35    Luck            84-90   Influence
            36-45   Protection      91-95   Waalth
            46-50   Mana Sensing      96    Curse
            51-55   Mana Reading    97-100  Specific Detection
            56-60   Mana Resistance

           Jeweled Item, Staff, Wand, Talisman
             1-5   Cure                 58-65   Creature Tie 
             6-11  Commnicate            66     Curse
            12-18  Protection           67-75   Summoning
            19-22  Mana Reading         76-82   Negation
            23-29  Alignment Tie        83-85   Familiar
            30-40  Attribute Effect      86     Ward Pact
            41-45  Repel or Banish      87-98   Magic Powers
            46-50  Special Attribute    99-100  Family Spells
            51-57  Specific Detection

           Military Treasure
             A) 75% Hit Chance modifier
             B) 50% Damage Modifier*
             C) 40% of other magic**
                1-10 Immunity            73    Knowledge
               11-16 Communicate         74    Curse
               17-30 protection         75-80  Creature Tie
               31-35 Mana Sensing       81-90  Magic Power
               36-42 Mana REsistence    91-94  Dedicated Item
               43-48 Alignment Tie      95-96  Other
               49-65 Attribute Effect    97    Intellect
               66-70 Special Attribute  98-100 Roll 1d3* times***
               71-72 Special Ban                   
               * See pernamanet magics after determinng MEL/EL
              ** If no A or b apply then auto other magic
             *** roll 3 times -5 to each subsequent roll

           Other Treasures              66-80  Enhance Item
              1-5   Specitic Detection  81-88  Repel or Banish
              6-15  Cure                89-92  Influence
             16-30  Communicate          93    Curse
             31-55  Protection          94-100 Other
             56-65  Attribute Effect
         2.261 Special Cases
           Details in 2.263 Rare and deadly
         2.262 General Rules 
           2.2621 MEL
             2d6, if named/special x2 roll min. of 8 for such items
           2.2622 EL
             1d10, if named/special +3, min MEL/2 RU.
             2.26221 If more than 1 power roll EL for each power
           2.2623 MDV - MEL+EL
           2.2624 Other Factors
         2.263 Magic Item Description
          Alignment Tie
           Compel to serve for a specific god or alignment.  Roll 2d6
             2  Other Forces*   8+9  Law
            3+4 Balance          10  Kotothi**
            5+6 Elder            11  Shamanic Elder
             7  Chaos            12  Sidh Elder
             * Forces not aligned with other alignments
            ** Serve kototh, powers from Elder spell list
            1d3* magic spells gained as well for the item.
            Defensive, no mana to cast, can be non-my to use.  Some
            passive form of power.  Referee decides parameters of use.
            Attracts some creature or supernatural force.  Roll Empathy
            if higher MUST carry/use otherwise feel uneasey and can discard
            it.  -MDV from all encounter rolls.  If 0 or less then
            force is attracted and attacks wearer and friends nearby.
            1d2* 1 - Creature roll on encounter chart of terrain amulet
            found in till creature determined, 2 - supernatural force
            it can be advserly affected by light/darkness if vice versa 
            conditions normally (nocturnal hates daylight)
          Attribute Effect
            +/- a Current Ability 1d3* attributes.  No 2 items of same
            can be used - negated if so.  1d2* 1=Increase, 2=Decrease.
            Roll   Attribute
            1-12  S    57-65  W
           13-23  St   66-76  E
           24-35  D    77-88  Em
           36-47  A    89-94  C
           48-56  Int  95-100 Ap
           Amount = MDV of item if added can go beyond Max if subtracted
           then min is 1.
           Note - apply change in temp. modifiers column
           Option - Stat can go to 0 or less from modification if so     
           then pass out reduction-Current Ability minutes and statt is 1
           while wearing the item.

             Can communicate with creature, force, animal or talk in
             a supernatural language - success auto if in range of target.
             1d3* 1=Creature/Animal 2=Froce 3=Sup Language fluently (1)
             Range as for Communicate spell
          Creature Tie
             Attributes as for Special Attribute. Tie exist when item
             used or owrn.  Any weapon will reverse hit chance and damage
             bonus if creature tie exists in attackk against creature.  
           d10  1-5 Must be on person, consumed or rubbed in or expended 
                6-8 Placed in fluid of some conatiner and drunk
                 9  Wearer must be touch to cure person 
                10  Item works for only the owner while he is alive.
           2d6   2  Insanity
               3-7  Physical Injury
               8+9  Poison
                10  Disease and Plaque
                11  Energy Point Loss
                12  Two of the above*
                * Re-roll -1 to each new roll till 2 are selected
             Insanity, Disease, Plaque, Poison - Complete Cure
             Phy/Energy - As for healing spell.  May only be used EL/3 RU
               times per day.  If used beyond limit worthless for 2d10 days.

            1d3 1=Emotional 2=Physical 3=Mental.  Effect when worn/used
            Roll as for Attraction to see if he can avoid it.   
            Cursed item rolls for effect using MEL, eL success curse has
            affect otherwise user can remove the item in time.  Abys 
            Failure the person will be immune to the curse forever till
            another person tries to use it then effect might affect him.
          Dedicated Item
            See perm magic dedicated purpose attributes go up otherwise
            the effect is lessened.  Roll d100 for purpose.
             1-15  Slay a Creature          71-75  Protect Kotothi
            16-20  Protect Law              76-80  Preserve the Balance
            21-25  Protect the Elder        81-94  Protect a specific race
            26-30  Protect the Sidh         95-96  Slay magic-users
            31-36  Protect Shamanic Elder   97-98  Slay Law
            37-45  Slay a Race               99    Slay Chaos
            46-55  Slay Guardians            100   Slay Others*
            56-65  Protect a Creature    * Up to Referee
            66-70  Protect Chaos                
            Slay - + vs Intellect 1-4, CL NA (not supernatural)
              Race - Intellect 4+, alignment - all in alignement even sups,
              MU - innate or trained.
            Protect - Protect some group or member
            Preserve Balance - protects the strongest side in an
              an encounter until that side is weakened to minor side.

            Duration - ELx5 Turns (protect imbiber) 
              Curative effect - 30-(ELx4) phases
            1 doze = 1 oz, 2d10 ozes in each bottle.
          Enhanced Item
            See pernament magics
            Summons specific member of a specific type of sup force
            Must be trained MU and learn the name of the force to use it.
            Controlled by item AND its name.  IF no name summoned
            but no control over it.  Casting speed - MEL, mana - CLx2
            of the force to summon.  Time for force to arrive
            is basic summoning rules with MEL/EL applied.  ORder summoned
            to perform any task and stay with caster unlimited period of 
            time.  A) Obey every order LITTERALLY B) take oppurtunities
            to seperate caster from item C) Try to kill the caster at
            any oppurtunity.

          Family Spells
            Can use family of spells.  Cost, speed as for Magic Power.
          Immunity - D100 
            Roll  Immunity
            1-5   Storm Powers        62-65  Special Attribute
            6-9   Fire Powers           66   Astral P
           10-12  Water P               67   Balance p 
            13    Chaos P               68   Elder P 
           14-18  Iron                69-72  Death P 
           19-23  Other Metals        73-76  Hell P 
           24-27  Aerial P             77    Sidh P
           28-31  Disease/Plaque      78-81  Darkness  P
           32-35  Energy Loss         82-85  Light p 
           36-38  Poison              86-87  Necomantic p 
             39   Law Powers            88   Shmanic p
           40-42  Telepathic P        89-91  Detection 
           43-46  Sea P               92-93  Shadow p 
           47-50  Desert P            94-96  Earth p 
           51-61  A spell             97-99  Other Powers*
                                       100   Total immunity **
            * up to referree or re-roll 3 times -4 to each roll (combo)
            ** re-roll -1 to roll, 0 is 2 total immunities
            Rules - Immunity if EL > Attacking EL 
            OTherwise Attacking EL-Immunity EL=Effective EL of effect

          Mana Resistance
            MDV=MDV+EL of item for trained MU.  If not innate, creature,
            or force or natural mu then half that value, RU.
          Mana Sensing
            Special Attribute in Book 1
          Military Treasure- items of military concepts
          Named Item - Ultimate artifact - d100
             1-30 Sword      56-70  Armor
            31-45 Staff      71-90  Jeweled Item
            46-55 Talisman   91-100 Other*
            * Any non-consumable material up to referee
            A) NI have both Intellect and Dedicated Item purpose
            B) Aligned see alignment tie
            C) Have magical powers
            d) Sword/Armor usable by anyone other forms only trained MU
            E) Have some form of liability to the user
            Famous/Feared/dangerous artifact.  IF as treasure, have guardian
            If Sword armor can roll on table
              Roll    Sword                  Roll     Armor
              1-10    Sword                  1-5    Buckler
             11-15    Fighting Dagger        6-15   Banded Shield
             16-20    Throwing Dagger       16-20   Metal Shield
             21-35    Broadsword            21-30   Scale Mail
             36-50    Bastar Sword          31-45   Chainmail
             51-70    Great Sword           46-60   Plate Mail
             71-90    Scimitar              61-70   Plate Armor
             91-100   Tulwar                71-90   Metal Helmet
                                            91-100  Metal Helm
          Natural Magic Item - see 2.27 
            Rules of Immunity, immunity table rolls for power
            1 mana per EL of the item.  Success - negation.
            Item glows when spell can be negated, if cast mana before
            spell cast to attack MEL, EL 1/2 RU.
            Special Cases
              Iron, Other metal - Blunted for ELx2 Hours, pernamently 
                blunted and can't inflict damage.  Magic weapon
                if only negation is total to the EL.
              Poison - limit as for immunity, can't negate poinson in 
                the creature only after its in the victim.
              Energy LEvel - totally negated, if force does ENL damage
                then force automatically banished on success of negation.
                MDV < ELx5 can be banished. For elx2 turns.  
              Other Treasure - those in 2.24 enhance the item
              Potion -  Rules for Elixir
              Powder - Can be potion/elixir, mixed with something like
                water/wine in some type (gold, brass).  1 dose = 1/10
                of oz of powder.  3d10 dose size units found.
              Protect - poten always, MDV=MDV+EL of item -El to hit him in  
              Repel or Banish
                Some force of an alignment and banishes it.  Success must
                be rolled on magic table.  Ex repel chaos and in that
                alignment kekoni.  Success - Banish for ELx2 Turns,
                Failure - protection item effect, Abys - No effect.  
                If force from a ward pact, MEL of spell added to 
                MDV of the creatures MDV of the item resisting the item.
                Roll for alignment in alignment tie.
              Special Attribute
                As for SA table in book 1.  But do not gain effects like
                the natural MU for Intellectual power just stat increase.
              Special Ban
                Ban of magic power and curse.  if ban is violated thenen to user.
                See Curse, magic power, pernament magic
              Specific Detection
                If detected some item/thing item glows/warms
                Must be in use to detect (worn, etc.)
                 Roll    Detect
                 1-10  Gold                      66-73   Silver
                11-16  Copper                    74-77   Brass
                17-21  Iron                      78-80   Other Metal
                22-30  Natrual Magic             81-85   Mana
                31-35  Ward Pact                 86-87   Secret Passeages
                36-43  Traps, All types            88    Poison
                44-55  A creature type           89-95   Specific Race
                56-60  Any supernatural Force     96     Altar
                61-65  Any pernament spell       97-100  Other
                Range- MEL+EL hexes, all other factors detection spell b.2
              Special Item
                Exclusive to working one power or function, Min MEL 11
                and EL6 if no other factors equal then increase to it.
                A) Dedicated to speciifc god or magical power
                b) Except for Automatons have physical guardians
                C) Not safe for non-mu to use unless tied with alignment
                   or has innate power of the item
                d) fanatical tie with power will be attacked if not tied
                   with the power of the item
                e) can use any power needed - referee

                Wooden 4-7 feet in length, may be banded in metal.
                Magical ones have runes and magical formula. 
                Must be Trained MU to use
                A) Casting Ability = Staff Mel x 8 bonus can surpass the 
                   Energy LEvel and castable with the staff.
                B) Can cast spells through staff, add 2 mana to the spell
                   to cast it.  -MEL to success rollls.  Channeled powers
                C) Cost to cast spell in staff EL/2 RU.  
                See pernamanet magic to see limit of staff.  Mana must be
                cast from the Casting ability of MU.
                Duration of control doubled.  MDV ignored to dispel it.
                Add Item EL to EL of the El modifier for success roll.
                Staff EL x CL mana to summon, EL to dispel it.
                Pernamently control force at 10x the cost, success
                familiar tie to the staff of force.  
                Abys failure - force attacks caster, MDV applies to
                dispel the force in this case.  No more than EL/2, RD
                ties on the staff.  Once tie is given name is known
                and Familar rules apply.
                Note - Tied force hostile to user if released it
                will attack the summoner.

                Trained MU or innate MU to user.  EL mana to use item.
                Sticks of 12-24 inches.  Can be used in 1 hand.
                only by trained MUs.  Tiped with crystal or metal.
                A) as for staff, casting ability Wand x 5 increase only
                b) 1 mana point, increase is el of wand
                C) as for staff
                d) as for staff
                60% dedicated to specific power chance.  if so then A
                and B apply ignore C.
              Ward pact
                Item KEY to ward pact.  All other up to GM.
                Ward will not attacker the holder of the key item
                and can communicate with the ward and access to what
                it protects.  Can extend that protection to anyone he wishes.
                If taboo/restrictions of ward broken by key holder or any
                he extends the protection to the connection to ward is
                severed and force will attack the key holder (or last one
                to hold it).
                Option-Wards can be attracted to/by the ward key in which
                case it can show (point out) its ward to the key holder.
                Item luck item for anything that hsa to do with any
                event of wealth for the wearer or to the user.  
                On influence attempts in these casex ELx2 roll modifier
                is applied.  

        2.27 Natural Magic Items
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        Natural Magical Items

          Searching EL/4 RU subtracted from search roll
          Locating Items in Market                              Limit
            Herb, Plant, Resin    10/2   Herbalist, Healer      2d10 oz
            Mineral, Gem           5/1   Jeweler                1 piece
            Metal                  5/0   Armorer, Blacksmith    1d2* lbs
            Liqour                 -/4*  Tavern, Inn, Special   2d10 oz
            Creature - varies in NF
                Factor - Multiplied x percent% chance
                * only in enhanced form  A/B A-unenchanced chance, B=Enh
        Ex - betany 18-19 2% times factor above for finding.

            Tables -  1d3/d100
              1 - Plant, Herb, Liqour
              2 - Animal/creature products
              3 - Stone, MEtal, Gem, Mineral

            Plant, Herb, Liqour
               1    Adingantide
              2-3   Agrimony
              4-8   Amaranth
              9-10  Anemone
             11-12  Angelica
               13   Balim
             14-16  Basil
               17   Belladonna
             18-19  Betony
               20   Bindweed
               21   Black Poppy
              22-24 Cayenne
              25-26 Celadine
              27-28 Chervil
               29   Chimedon
              30-31 Cinqefoil
              32-36 Clove Pink
              37-40 Darbha Grass
              41-42 Elder Berries
              43-45 Elder Twigs
                46  Euphorbia
              47-48 Fennel
                49  Fern Seed
              50-53 Garlic
                54  Hellebore
              55-56 Hemlock
                57  Henbane
              58-59 Houseleck
                50  Hypercium
              61-63 Laurel
                64  Lunas
                65  Mandrake
              66-67 Mephis
                68  Mevais
              69-72 Mistletoe
                73  Moon Rose
              74-75 Moonwort
              76-78 Mugwort
              78-81 Peska
                82  Purple Lotus
              83-84 Purslane
              85-87 Qadishi Root
              88-90 Rowan
              91-93 Rue
                94  Snake Grape
              95-96 Vervain
                97  White Lotus
                98  White Poppy
             99-100 Wolfbane

             1-5  Alectorius
             6-8  Amber
              9   Basilik Blood
            10-12 Bdellium
            13-18 Bear Claws
            19-20 Beithir Hide
              21  Beithirius 
            22-26 Bezoar
            27-31 Black Cat Blood
            32-34 Black Cat Bones
            35-37 Boar Tusk
            38-39 Bouba Fur
            40-44 Bush Resin
            45-46 Castor D'fay
            47-48 Chameleon Liver
            49-50 Chelidonius
            51-54 Cock Feathers
            55-57 Coral
              58  Dragon Blood
            59-60 Fire Snake Blood
              61  Firestone
              62  Gorgon Head
            62-64 Great Serpent Poison
            65-66 Great Spider Poison
              67  Herab Serapel Claws
            68-70 Hyena Skin
              71  Hydra Blood
              72  Hydra Head
              73  Hydra Teeth
            74-75 Lapwing HEart
            76-80 Pearl
            81-83 Pigeon Stones
            84-85 Roc Feathers
            86-88 Saliva
            89-90 Scorpion Woman Poison
            91-92 Le'sla Blood
              93  Toad Blood
            04-95 Unicorn Horn
            96-97 Wolf Blood
            98-99 Wolf Eye
             100  Wolf Skin

        Stone, Mineral, Metal, Gem
            1-5  Agate
            6-9  Amethyst
           10-12 Antimony
             13  Black Diamond
           14-16 Bloodstone
           17-20 Carbuncle
           21-24 Chalcedony
           25-27 Chrysolite
           28-30 Chrysoprase
           31-33 Corneolus
           34-35 Crystal
           36-37 Dark Ruby
           38-39 Diamond
           40-41 Dinothera
           42-44 Emerald
             45  Heliotropius
           46-48 Hyacinthus
           49-51 Jacinth
           52-54 Jade
           55-58 Jasper
           59-62 Jet
           63-64 Lapiz Lazuli
           65-66 Lodestone
             67  Meteorite
           68-70 Onyx
           71-73 Opal
             74  Quicksilver
           75-77 Ruby
           78-81 Salt
           82-83 Sapphire
             84  Smarag
             85  Snake Stone
             86  Star Ruby
             87  Star Sapphire
             88  Toadstone
           89-91 Topaz
           92-93 Tourmaline
           94-97 Turquoise
          98-100 White flint


          Adingantida - Herb
            Death poison, UnE - Slow Death at BL2
            Enh - Immediate Death - BL10  Must be eaten
          Agate - Gem
            Unen - Negates snake/insect poison if BL5 Success is rolled.
            No other affect on other poisons.  No affect on CL1+ cre poisons
            Enh - A) Eloq +15 B) MDV+5 against Storm Powers
                  C) EL10 Immunity on all emotional spells
                  D) Truth Talisman when swirled in water in brass gobblet
                     Drink resulting potion if fail spasm fits roll against
                     BL10 Slow Death poison.  Potion - 1 hour duration
                     Drunk - 20 turns limit.  Must wear for A-D
                 If person wearing stone lies stone darkens and is useless.

          Agrimony - Plant         
             Une - Eaten for St+5 HC+20 against any Disease/poisons.
             No enh form and other affects.

          Alectorius - Concretion
            Stone found in head of roosters (10% chance)
            Enh - A) Any MU can use it for 2 mana points casting per day
                  B) Unshakable courage at all times
                  C) MDV+5 against all forms of magic
                  D) Won't suffer from thirst but can die from it
                  E) Influence Chance +10   Must be worn for A-E

          Amaranth - Plant
             Seeds must be swalloed whole for effect.  
             Unen - St+20 HC+10 used in healing physical injuries
             Enh - Twice value listed.  Must take FP Rounded up seeds 
             for the effect to take place (FP =food points)

          Amber - Resin
             Unen - HC+10 and if Enhanced:
             A) See clearly in non-magical darkness
             B) Stone darkens if creature using poison/disease powers are
                within 200 feet.  If person looks at Amber can not
                be ambushed by creatures of that type.

          Amethyst - Gem
             Unen - Twice the amount of liqour to be drunk
             Enh - A) Can't become drunk
                   B) If twilered in water in silver goblet creates BL12
                      potion for Death poison.  Must drink in 5 turns.
                   C) Int+5 Emp+5  D) Has photographic memory for  everything

          Anemone - Plant
             Flower - sniff fragrance for effect.  Stays good for 48 hours
             after picking.  Effect - St+10 HC+20 for 24 hours.  No 
             enhanced form and no additive effects.

          Angelica - Plant
             Ground into power and mixed with 1 quart fine wine.  
             Effect: St+30/HC+30 against Disease, Decay, Corruption
             only for the healing roll.  Enhanced - MDVx2 and gives
             3d10 lost EnL.  Only once a day otherwise BL8 Slow Death
             poison if done more than once.  For both Un/En forms
             effect is only until next normal healing roll.  Per plant
             and quart mixed 8 dozes of potion made.

          Antimony - Metal
            Enh - MDV+6 against Demon/Chaos Magics.  Acts as EL5
                  Protection spell against any demon that attacks.

          Balim - Herb
            Enh - Can restore dead to life if placed on corpse within 10
               phases of death.  Acts as BL15 for this power.
            Note - Any person killed by a creature, Necromantic Power,
              or spell can not be resurrected by this herb.  The
              dose is used up whether the person is alive or not.

          Basil - Herb
             A poultce that is applied directly to sting wounds.
             Unen - BL1, Enh - BL10 
             Poison and damage negated by success from sting.
             Failsure poison negated by damage not healed.  Abys Failure
             has no affect whatsoever.

          Basilisk Blood - Creature
             Death fluid - no enhanced form - effects:
             A) Who swallow/drink roll against BL0 on magic table.  If 
                success death can add PR to roll.
             B) Any who do not die will become immune EL12 to Petrification,
                Decay, Disease and Corruption.  Person ceases to age
                and can only be killed by magic or in combat.
             C) If suffer damage in combat fights with uncontrollable 
                battle fury
             D) C, S, and St increased by 10 pernamently
             All effects B-D pernament and non-additive if more doses

          Bdellium - Resin
            If resin eaten gain BL18 Immunity to all forms of disease
            for 3 days.  While this affect is done he loses 1d6 EnL points
            per day.

          Bear Claws - Animal
            Enh - Suffer no affects from damage for movement and has
             Controllable Battle Fury in combat.

          Beithir Hide - Creature
             Unen - Formed into garment and worn MDV+10 against any heat
               or cold effects.  
             Enh - Immunity Ten against these powers above.

          Beithirius - Gem
            Enhanced - Wearer 
              A) Can cast MEL6/EL3 Lightning Swarms at Cost 2.  If used
                 more than 4 times in a single day gem is worthless.
              B) EL6 Immunity to any Lightning powers.

          Belladonna - Herb
            Unen - Magic depends on form it is used
              A) Ointment - Rubbed on naked body of user Flight EL8
                 User must be completely naked.  Duration - 2 hours.                 
                 Dervived from fat of young animals.
              B) Potion - Taken by Magic User, person with innate power,
                 alignment/creature tie imbiber goes into hallucinary
                 trance for 12 hours.  While in this trance sees future
                 Divintion MEL20/EL10. If MU present and imbiber is not
                 a MU then can force imbiber to dream what he wants him
                 to.  If no MU is present then MEL10/EL4 Insanity nightmares.
                 Duration of trance is 6 hours in this case.
              C) Potion from Berries - Imbiber rolls against BL15 Slow
                 Death poison.  Success - person dies by end of the day
                 unless negated magically.  Failure - coma for 24 hours.
                 Abys.  Failure - Extreme sick for 5 minutes.
           Note: Also known as Deadly Nightshade.
          Betony - Herb
            Unen - Str+10 for 24 hours.    Enh - Trance for 2d6 hours
            When he wakes any Mental, physical disease is cured else
            if no disease Str+20 MDV+2 for 22 hours.  In other forms
            must be powdered and eaten.

          Bezoar - Concretion
            Stone found in stomachs of Deers (10% chance).  When
            enhanced swirl in water in brass goblet, cures any
            death poison automatically.  When worn, Str+5 and only age
            1 day for every 2 that pass.

          Bindweed - Plant
            No enh form.  Grasses juice have varying effects depending
            on sex of drinker.  For Male - BL2 Paralytic poison for 4 
            hours.  For female stops all pain normal or magical for 48
            hours.  Totally impossible to feel pain for this period.

          Black Cat Blood - Animal
            Enh - BL7 Cure for any disease.

          Black Cat Bones - Animal
            Enh - MEL4/EL2 Invisibility if in light but can only use once
            a day, useless if no light is present (if worn).

          Black Diamond - Gem
            Enh - Only for Trained Chaos Wizards effects:
              A) +1EL to all Darkness Powers
              B) MDV+5 against chaos magic    C) Int+10 Will+10
              D) Learn tongue of Abyss at native level never be attacked
                 by Beasts of Chaos including Kuggi
              No other effects if not Chaos orientation.

          Black Poppy - Plant
            Unenh - Ingester goes into death trance BL20 until negated.
              Failure - person vomits the substance.  Success - appears
              to be dead, while in trance mind is still acive but
              can not move the body.  Victim is a living corpse until
              he is released magically.  
            Enh - Flower rare but has all powers above but also stops
              normal aging and decay.  In this form he can stay in
              a living death forever.

          Bloodstone - Mineral
            Enh - Wearer age 1 day for every 4.  Sleeper has dreams of
              prophecy as for MEL4/EL4 Divination.  Exact time of
              dream is unknown but will remeber all details of it.

          Boar Tusk - Animal
            Enh - A) -5 from all problem solving/influence chance rolls
                  B) immune to Sup. Will - Evil eye if have EE can't use
                  it while wearing.

          Bouba Fur - Creature
            Enh - Voluntary Controllable battle fury when attacked.  
            Should be made into a cape or robe.

          Bush Resin - Resin
            As for Bush Warrior in Book 3

          Carbuncle - Gem
            Enh - A) Wearer - Gem darkens if any person with him tries
                     to poison him.  
                  B) MDVx2 against fasination.  Immune to normal influence
                  C) MDV+10 against all forms of disease.  If affected by
                     disease stone darkens and becomes useless.

          Castor D'fay - Concretion
            Stone from Afanc (25% chance) While enhanced and worn as
            a string around the neck -
              A) EL5 immunity against Insanity/emotional curse.  
                 Automatically cures any before wearer dons stone.
              B) Immune to all acids
              C) Immune to Decay/Corruption spells as long as its worn.

          Cayenne - Herb
            Enh - Eaten prior to drinking alchol can't be drunk for 8 
              hours but after that normal affects apply (drunk).

          Celadine - Herb
            Enh - Gives 8 mana points for Light Powers for thsoe who can         
              cast it.  Must be used within 3 phases of herb being
              exposed to light.  Mana generated each time exposed to
              light.  Should be sealed in a container.

          Chalcedony - Stone
            Enh - A) Mana Level x2   B) Str+5
               C) Dispell all Illusion/Masquerade spells automatically
                  within 1 hex.  Banish a spiritual ediummu and EL6
                  protection against Coporal Ediummu.
               D) Can never be possessed, unless through Abys. Failure
                  if this is the case stone is fractured and is useless.
               E) Eloq+15 when he speaks in his own defense in a formal
                  trial if worn.

          Chameleon Liver - Animal
            Enh - if burnt 8 Mana points for Storm Powers.  Must be
              used within 3 phases of being burnt.

          Chelidonius - Concretion
             Found in gullet of Swallow (10% chance). If worn in a fur
             pouch and worn around neck -
             Enh - A) EL4 Immunity Insnaity, Plaque, Disease
                B) Photographic memory while worn if lost the memory is
                   lost.  Treat as EL80 Thief memory skills.

          Chervil - Herb
            Unen - HC+15 against wounds and disease.  Cure any infection
              if the person is infected.

          Chimedon - Herb
            Unen - Eater to talk in his sleep giving away secrets.
            Enh - Same as Unen but anyone near can question and get
              truth answers.  
            In both forms must mix with wine and person must sleep
            within 2 hours of drinking it.

          Chrysolite - Mineral
            Enh - when worn EL6 Immunity Insanity, Hatred, Terror, 
                  silent terror and all emotional curses.

          Chrysoprase - Mineral
            Unen - Worn always happy to the point of distraction but
              will defend himself if attacked.
            Enh - Same as above but can see in any darkness even magical.

          Cinequofoil - Plant
            Unen - HC+10  Enh - Eloq+20 when asking for a favor, MDV+2
            for 24 hours.  In enhanced form has no healing powers.

          Clove Pink - Herb
            Unen - HC+15 when used against disease/infection. 

          Cock Feathers - Animal
            Enh - From tail of rooster
              A) When burnt and inhale fumes cured of drunkeness or insanity.
                 1 feather burnt per Food point person requires
              B) 4 feathers burnt if MU then gain 5 mana points to banish
                 a demon and can do -10 to roll on magic table.

          Coral - Concretion
            Enh - A) MDV+5 against Chaos powers and storm powers
              B) EL3 immunity to poison C) Will burn when worn for 1 hpv
              a person if hes in a foolhardy action.  
              D) Total immune to disease or any spell that reduces physical
                 ability E) Stone is useless if weearer is sick or damaged
                 and becomes full when owner is normal.

          Corneolus - Mineral
            Enh - MEL10/EL10 Sanity spell to person wearing it. It
              can cure anything of this spell type that is capable of
              curing.  Only pernament if worn.

          Crystal - Stone
            Enh - A) 3" diameter piece worn as amulet for EL7 Immunity
              against Disease, Decay, Corruption, and Evil eye.  Wearer
              may not use EE while wearing stone.
              B) Large ball 3"+ gives 10+EL of ball to be subtracted for
                 divination spells.

          Darbha Grass - Plant
            Unen - Negate Terror/Disorder spell for eater.
            Enh - Same as Unen and HC+10 for 48 hours for damage healing
              only.  If Horse HC+20 for 72 hours.  If duplicate does
              taken then effects are reversed.

          Dark Ruby - Gem
            Enh - A) Mana Level and MDV +5
               B) Tained MU can cast Destruction/Quarrels +1 EL
               C) MDV against Law magic +10 instead of 5

          Diamond - Gem
            White diamonds more common than dark ones.  When worn -
            Enh - A) MDV+5 vs Chaos magic  B) Str+20
              C) EL3 invlnerability when exposed to daylight
              D) -5 from all combat rolls, apply as weapon expertise points

          Dinothra - Mineral
            Enh - Worn on a animal the animal is automatically tamed.
              Will understand and obey all commands given to it.
              Will last only as long as its worn around the neck if
              lost animal is wild state again.  
            Note - Ritual says it should be on a silver chain but not

          Dragon's Blood - Creature
            Already magical with effects:
              A) Drinker has unshakable courage for 48 hours.
              B) Str/St +15 Each  -48 hrs  C) See in any darkness - 48 hours
              D) ELx2 for all survival skills - 48 hours E) MDVx2 vs Fire
              spells for 48 hours.  
              Must be taken from living dragon and taken within 72 hours
            unless magically preserved.   Effects are additive for more
            doses.  Roll BL0 +PR, success - drops dead on the spot (1 phase).

          Elder Berries - Plant
            Enh - MDV+5 if worn as garland around head.

          Elder Twigs - Plant
            Enh - If worn in a satin pouch appears to be half wearer's age.
            Only grant youthful appearance same height/weight.

          Emerald - Gem
            Enh - Worn A) MEL8/EL4 Clairvoyance
              B) +2 EL to banish Ediummu or Ghosts C) If MU gain MEL12
              EL6 Detection for gold and gems.  Stone warns precepitly
              if its within the range of the material.

          Euphoria - Herb
             No unen form -already magical.  Gives 8 mana points for
             casting Destruction/Fog of death for MUs when burnt.  If 
             non-mu Roll EL8 Immediate death poison effect for handling it.

          Fennel - Herb
            Enh - Seeds if worn in bone-spun bag around neck
              1) MDV+10 vs Ediummu, -(MDV+10) on damage from their touch.
              If Ediummu hit but do no damage Ediummu is repelled (at
              seed EL) by the seed wearing person.  

          Fern Seed - Plant
            Unen - 8 Mana for Invisibilty if swallowed seeds.  If
              person is not trained herbalist, 40% chance of wrong
              seeds if so eater can't cast invisibiltiy.
            Enh - If eaten provide EL3 Invisibilty 1 seed per FP required.
              If wrong seeds get EL3 immunity vs invisiblity.

          Fire Snake Bones - Creature
            Brain from a male snake must be taken immediately on its death.
            Place in a red silk pouch and worn then get EL5 immunity to 
            Poison, Acid, Death powers, any form of Balance spells and
            Storm Powers.  While worn affected by Wakefullness (book 2).
            See book 3 on fire snake for more details.

          Firestone - Creature
            Jeweled eye of a Fiery Spirit.  
            Enh - A) EL4 immunity to any fire spell
              B) EL+1 (from book rules) Fire Darts Innate Power
              C) Immune to combustion power of Fiery Spirit 
              D) Speak tongue of Younger Chaos at EL60

          Garlic - Herb
             Unen - MEL3/EL2 Cure for Insanity
             Enh - A) If eaten MEL10/EL10 cure for all emotional problems
               B) MDV+10 if worn in amulet vs Chaos magic and demons
               C) BL8 repeling vs Akhkaru encountered
               D) Powdered and taken with Bellandona potion and wine
                  it gives strange visions of strange places and reality,
                  of the 3 Worlds (UW, LW, MW) that are true.  Can be
                  reembered if Roll Will or less on d100.

          Gorgon Head - Creature     
            Head of sighted Gorgon MEL5/EL3 Petriifcation if seen.
            If enhanced head pernamently petrifies unless Negate Curse
            at EL4 or higher. 

          Great Serpent's Poison - Creature
            Unen - only poison  Enh - effects for 24 hours -
             A) MEL6/EL3 fascination on Great Apes 
             B) total immuninity to any paralytic poison.
             C) Speak Kotohi tongue at EL60.  
             D) NAV of 1 (definite erptelian texture chance visible)
             Note - when enhanced no longer poisonous.

          Great Spider's Poison - Creature
            Unenh - Only poison     Enh - Get language abilities of Great
            Spider for 24 hours.  Learn any language he hears at Willx2
            EL or max EL possible whiehever is less.  While affected
            incapable of speech and any verbal noise whatsoever.  Once
            duration is over lose the knowledge gained from its use.

          Herab Serpel Claws - Creature
            Unen - used to make a deadly spiked gauntlet or glove
            It takes 4 claws for 1 weapon.  Hand to hand experience is
            gained through the weapon use.  Weapon WSB+1 FV12.  Any
            preson hit is automatically infected on his next healing roll.
            If gauntlet enhanced person hit rolls vs MEL2/EL3 Hand of 
            Death when any damage is inflicted on him.

          Heliotrophius - Mineral
            Already magical.  Effects - A) Wounds to automatically stop
            bleeding and swelling.  -2 damage per wound inflicted.
            B) Swirled in water in Gold goblet potion automatically 
            negates any poison.  Must be drunk within 5 turns of creation.
            C) MDV+5 vs Disease.  D) MU can cast EL4 Whirlwind and/or
            EL8 Darkness at the same time.  E) Attackers must add 10 to
            combat rolls.  Total immunity to non-elven, non-magical missile
            fire. To have its magical effect, the stone must be set in
            white gold and hung from iron chain.  Usless if exposed to
            magical light until next midnight passes.

          Hellebore - Herb
            Can only be found by trained herbalist.  If unenhanced
            gets EL6 cure for insanity and any magical problems by a demon.
            Enh - Grants visions of the hells and if with right rites
            taken to the Chaos Regions of the Uppwer World at no mana cost.
            When enh and burnt anyone is affected within 25 feet by smell.

          Hemlock - Herb
            Unen - BL6 slow death poison.  Enh - Swallowed person total
            immune to all emotions for 24 hours.  -3 from his combat rolls
            and add 3 to attacker's combat rolls.  This increase does
            not apply as expertise for the duration.

          Hembane - Herb
            Already magical.  When burnt attracts ghosts at BL4 on magic 
            table.  Success 1d3* ghosts appear in 2d10 turns.  Use only
            at night.  IF burnt in place of evil intent or area of dead
            will attack spiritial edimmu rather than ghosts.  Burner has
            no control over ghosts unless spells are used.

         Houseleek - Herb
           Enh - A) Worn in red silk pouch around Belt MDVx2 vs Storm Powers
            B) Worn in red silk at head/neck MDVx2 vs Fire Powers.
            C) If drunk powdered juice get A and B for 48 hours.  AND
            any Enl or Mana regenerated during this period is doubled.

         Hyacinthius - Mineral
           Enh - Totally immune to all Storm Powers if worn.  If placed
            on chest of victim BL15 Cure for any poison/infection.  IF
            it fails to cure it becomes uselss magically.

         Hyena Skin - Animal
           Enh worn as headband from skin
             A) EL6 Immunity to Fascination/telepathic powers.
             B) wearer and any object in contact will be totally unable to
                make any sound.
             C) Any canine lifeform including supernaturals can not
                make any sound within 8 hexes of wearer.
             D) Fur must be taken from head of hyena only for effects.

         Hydra Blood - Creature
           As specified for Hydra for Book 3.  A garment coat with the                
         blood coated on the inside will score only 1 hit per 4 scored
         on the wearer and have its full Pain effect wihle it is worn.
         No matter the Strength only a Negate Curse can remove the
         garment once donned.

         Hydra Head - Creature
           Secretions from the immortal hydra head can be gathered by
         a magically protected magic user.  Per 3 days spent collecting
         1 dose is gained.  Each does gives EL2 Regeneration and total
         immunity to Death Powers and natural death for 10 days.
         Any drinker of the blood must roll Willx2 or less.  If roll
         higher then person is driven insane pernamently unless EL8
         Negate Curse is applied.  Per time drinking -5 to roll is
         given additive to build up a tolerance after the first.
         Any person driven insane and takes future doses will be
         driven insane automatically and no effects from it.

         Hydra Teeth - Creature
           As specitied for Hydra book 3 see Children of Hydra.  Only a
           magic-user can use them with any meaningful purpose.

         Hypercium - Plant
           Unen - MDV+5 if worn as amulet vs all forms of magic.  Also
               give 10 mana points to dispell or negate a spell only.
               When used this way 1d3* points of its ability are used.
               When 10 are used plant is worthless.  No enhanced form.

         Jacinth - Gem
           Unen - Large, Flawless Jainth gives MDV+3 vs fascination
           Enh - A) EL+2 to all current Survival skills
              b) Inf. Chance +10 used in business negotitations.
              C) Can sense at 10 hexes (100') any person capable of Storm
                 Powers AND if that person is atempting to do so.

         Jade - Gem
           Enh - Worn A) Age 1 day per 2 that pass   B) Str+10 St+10
             C) Stone swirled in water in silver goblet - potion to cure
                any disease.    D) EL7 immunity Disease, Corruption, Decay

         Jasper - Gem
           Enh - A) EL5 immunity vs Dreams/Illusion Powers B) HC+10        
         Jet - Gem
           Enh - A) MDV+5 vs any form of lightning (except Dark Light),
              any power cast by a demon and atempt at being possessed.
              B) Swirled in water in gold goblet - potion gives total
              immunity to disease for 24 hours.  Also gives Appearance+10
              for same period.  Must be stored in gold bottle within
              15 turns or drunk or is worthless.

         Lapiz Lazuli - Mineral
           Enh - If worn as amulet automatically cured of insaity or
            emotional curse.  Once removed the insanity/curse continues
            its not a cure but removes the effects if worn.

         Lapwing Heart - Animal
           Enh - Worn in cloth Bag 
             A) Total immunity vs Forgetfulnet, Oblivion, Astral Fire.
             B) Emp+10  C) EL4 Watchful Sleep effect but not sleep from
             magical sleep like Sleep Touch.

         Laurel - Plant
           Enh - As a Wand total immunity to any form of Lightning,
           insanity and Possession.  Note - Other powers can be put
           into the wand but those powers above can not if so then an
           automatical abysmal failure results.  There is a 5% chance
           of a wand found, that does not have one of the 3 powers,
           that is not made of Laurel.

         Lodestone - Mineral
           Unen - B listed for Enhanced form
           Enh - A) EL2 Clairvoyance when worn   B) Always point North
            when it is possible to do so and can never get lost (wearer).
            C) Stone swriled in wine in cystal goblet potion will if
            given to disloyal servants or liars create BL8 Paralytic poison
            for 16 hours but will remain conscious.  D) EL9 Immunity vs
            Emotional Curse and Quarells spell.  D) Stone can be used
            in MAJOR problems, roll BL0 on magic table. Success person
            gets divine advice on the matter.  Failure no response.
            Abysmal Failure stone disappears and wearer is pernamently
            petrified.    Anyone who tries to negate curse will work
            against MDV of 40!

         Lunas - Liquor
           Liquor from potent herbs, if drunk BL10 magic table roll made.
           Success - Person insane for 3 days.  Failure - auto insane
           on the 2nd dose.  Incapable of rational thought and can
           not cast magic other than innate magic while insane.  The
           person acts on instinct gets what he wants, destroys what
           he can't. Anyone interfering with this instinct will be
           met with crazed violence per uncontrollable battle fury.

         Mandrake - Plant
           Alreday magical.  Can only be found under a gallows within 24
           hours that is under a full moon.  If picked immediately it
           screams a piercing scream that effects everyone within 2 hexes.
           BL10 magic table roll, success kills the person.  To pick the
           root without this chance must be trained magic-user and herbalist.
           Must be wrapped in square of black silk or power is lost.  
           Effects: A) Root can be asked questions, including thinsgs
           gained through knowledge spell, and get answers.  This expends
           4 points of its ability.  B) Can get advice on a specific
           problem.  The advice given may not be good or the best solution.
           This expends 2 points of its ability.  
           C) Can double weath.  If place coin (max 10) on root overnight
           it will double in number.  It is one mana poing per 5 coins
           doubled.  When freshly cut it has 1d6 x 10 ability points.
           A trained herbalist can estimate the amount of points.  Once
           the points go to zero it is worthless.

         Memphis - Herb
           Unen - Taken as a powder with water.  Gets to be totally 
             insensible to pain and EL3 immunity to magical pain.
           Enh - Same as above and
             A) Total immnnity to mental pain, loss of concentration or
            Uneh - Duration 2 hours  Enh - Lasts 4 hours.

         Meteorite - Metal
           Already magical.  +MDV+2d6 vs all magic.  +MDV+5+2d6 (previous
           2d6 roll) vs Storm Powers, Aerial Powers, and Disease. It
           gives total immunity to Astral Powers and Astral Fire.
           If worn around neck person unable to have Fatal Accidents. 
           He may fall from any distance but only go as low as his
           lowest DTV but never be killed.

         Mevais - Herb
           It is a Slow Death Poison at BL20, It will take 20+Stb days.
           Each day the pain increases as for Hell Powers - Pain at the
           EL of the Pain is equal to 20+stb above.  The Mel is ten at
           all times.  Can only be cured magically by Negate Curse or
           Healing Light with EL>EL for pain above.  Example - Day one
           pain is EL1, 9th day EL9.  The pain increases up to the time
           it takes to kill.  Must be swallowed to take effect.  It
           will take 1d3* + Stb hours for the first pain to be felt.

         Mistletoe - Plant
           Innately magical.  Juice of its berries will cure insanity.
           When enhanced and smeared on a iron blade it will have DOUBLE
           the WSB of the weapon against creatures afflicted by iron.  
           A WSB of 0 will be WSB +1.  The effect is 24 hours regardless
           of amount of times used.  A dose is required per treatment.
           Person carried this stained weapon are automatically enemies of
           thsoe afflicted by iron (elves, faerries, etc.).

         Moon Rose - Plant
           Inherently magica.  Black flower grown overnight in the
           full of the moon.  It dies upon the first touch of light at
           dawn.  A) Petals ground and served with water give EL8 Suggestion
           if imbiber rolls BL12 on magic table (success).  B) Flower has
           2 hips one dark and one light.  The light hip gives Str+30 and
           Con+30 for 72 hours.  Black hip - Int+30, Will+30, and Enl+30
           for 48 hours.  10% chance the effect increase is pernament.
           Also roll BL1 magic table.  Success means the person is
           afflicted by light as for Elves in book 3.  
           C) Any person scratched by thorn can see in any darkness for
           24 hours.  Also lose 2d6 energy level and gain eL8 Immunity
           vs Darkness Powers for 24 hours.  No thorn must be used in this
           way more tha one time.
           D) Fragance in a given hex (10 feet).  If enter this area person
           must roll MEL8/EL4 Sleep Touch effect.  Person is asleep till
           dawn and pernamently loses 1d6 energy points.
           It must be wrapped in while silk when harvested.  If any part
           of the plant is exposed to light other than moonlight it
           crumples to dust.  If fragance is needed the entire plant
           including stem must be placed in silver chest and not exposed
           to light and it will retain its full powers.
           Note - Each flower has 2 hips, 4 petals and 8 thorns.  No
           more than one flower is found at any one place.

         Moonwort - Plant
           Enh - Leaves can be used to open locks and shatter chains.
           One leave can do either at a BL10 chance.  Once it is used
           it is worthless.  Number found is the number of leaves.

         Mugwort - Plant
           Unen - BL6 cure for death poison (juice)
           Enh - A) BL18 cure for Death Poisons   B) HC+30 vs disease
             C) Imbiber can't suffer physical fatigue for 24 hours
             D) EL12 Clairvoyance for 10 turns
             E) When juice smeared on steel at night 2d6 Ghosts or 1d6
                Spiritual Ediummu are summoned.  (see Henbane for
                location distinction on encounter).  Spirits arrive in 2d10
                turns and are uncontrollable.  
            Note - Except for A & C powers only apply if picked at night.

         Onyx - Gem
           Enh - If worn can not remove.  Will suffer MEL8/EL6
            Terroifying Dreams and when sleep:
            A) Automatically regenerate ANY mana expended
            B) Can cast any type of curse at MEL6/EL3 if MU or not.
               But if not has no control over it.  If a player curses
               someone theoritcally while the character wears the stone
               the curse should be rolled to see if it becomes fact.
            C) Casts MEL4/EL2 Hand of Death.  If not MU then person has
               no control over this.  A roll is made per touch by the wearer.
            D) Each use of the above B & C powers whether intentional or
               not the stone wearer will lose 2d10 EnL points.  If 0 death.
            E) Wearer will attack any person trying to remove stone or
               even thinks of such within one hex of him.  While in this
               state of attack he will -5 all combat rolls and be in 
               uncontrollable battle fury.

         Opal - Gem
           Enh - A) Staring into gem falls into trance for 2d10 minutes.
              Completely defenseless.  Each time he stares into the GEm
              you gain 1 Expertise point in Planar Travel if you know
              the spell.  B) BL2 Chance of the wearer who stares into
              the gem is transported to the plane he is viewing by success.
              If not nothing occurs.  If wearer is a non-MU then he has
              no choice, roll Will with d100.  If higher than Will he
              stares at the gem and rolls to see if he enters the plane.
              C) MDV+10 vs all Law magic, Lightning spells, Fire powers.
              Totally immune to Astral Fire.
         Pearl - Concretion
           Enh - Worn A) Per 10 pass only age 1 day 
             B) In combat attacker +5 to the combat roll.
             C) MDVx2 vs Death Powers, Decay, Corruption

         Peska - Liquor
           Commonly used brewer's potion.  Drinker gets HC+factor where
           factor is qualityx2 (from 1-10).  Can be addicted at the HC
           increase chance.  For females, 1/2 this chance, if so withdrawl
           lasts one week.  During that period they gain MEL10/EL5 Pain
           and lose 1d6 EnL points per day.  For males withdrawl lasts
           10+(Stbx2) days.  During that time he must add 10-Days passed
           to all Influence and combat rolls he makes.  For all non-humans
           it is a BL4 paralytic poison with no healing effects.  If taken
           comatose for 8 hours and loses 3d10 EnL.  Non-humans can't be
           addicted to Peska.

         Pigeon Stones - Concretion
           Enh - IF swallowed BL9 cure for any insanity, emotional
            effect of a non-pernament spell or any spell poison.

        Purple Lotus - Plant
          Unen - Fragrance is BL12 paralytic poison within 2 hexes of 
            the flower. Will be paralyzed and unconscious for 24 hours 
            after being removed from the area of effect.  While paralyzed
            will not decay in any way for 1 day or 100 years.  Plant is
            immortal unless it is cut.
          Enh - Powder made from its stamen.  This powder with any liquid
            will hold the drinker in a pleasurable trance until a Negate
            Curse spell is done.  This is a BL12 effect must be swallowed
            or inhaled.  If thrown in combat a hit is possible using the
            Other Line of the missile table for base line.  Target must
            be within one hex of the person to be effective.
            Note - Each flower has pollen for 1d3* doses of the powder
            after enhancement.  A bed will have 1d2 flowers.
        Purslane - Herb
          Enh - A) Eater can't be harmed by any dreams magical or not.        
            B) MDV+5 vs Seduction, Telephathic Powers, Insanity, and all
              forms of mental control.  
            C) EL4 immunity to all mental/emotional curses.  
            Duration is 24 hours if eaten.  If as fumigant fumes will
            automatically dispell Ediummu or Demons within 3 hexes.

        Qadishi Root - Herb
          Enh - Burnt EL+1 in casting Dispell/Banish or Exorcism spells.
            Eaten negates any curse or long term spell at EL8 or less for
            48 hours.  If eaten by a possed person possion is automatically
            dispelled (spirit thrown out).

        Quicksilver - Metal
          Enh - Worn in silver bottle around neck.  Wearer has EL2 Speed
            and is totally immune to Disease and Insanity.

        Roc Down - Creature
          Down from a Roc that has never flew and picked by hand.  Has:
          A) Silk pouch around neck - gives great courage, incapable of
             fearing anything.  He will be friendly toward any creature
             he meets.  Also -5 from any influence rolls he takes.
          B) Ground and in water - drinker has EL10 Major Illusion for 24
             hours.  He is automatically fascinated, EL5, by any intelligent
             creature that talks to him during this period.  If attacked
             or hostile toward him he has EL5 Terror.
          C) If burnt in the use of Casting any Chaos or Law magic he will
             subtract 5 from his rolls for success.
        Rowan - Plant
          Enh - If as a Wand EL+2 for casting protection spell.  If
            berries and eaten MDV+5 vs hostile magic for 48 hours.
          Note - If a wand is found there is a 15% chance it is made of
            Rowan if there is no other spell on it than the basic enhanement.

        Ruby - Gem
          Enh - A) MDV+10 vs poisons   B) Automatically detect Chaos aligned
            forces 1d6 turns before they attack.  C) Total immunity to
            Terror, Hatred and other emotional spells, excluding curses.
            Wearer can neither fear anything or hate anything.

        Rue - Herb
          Unen - White silk sachet around neck worn - MDV+1 
          Enh - Eaten and powdered - Cure all insanity, all forms of 
            Terror, Hatred, and Anger and negates Suggestion or Compulsion,
            except for curses that are affecting the character.

        Saliva - Animal
          Enh - A) If MU casts a circle of his own enhanced saliva around
           him cost of casting spells is reduced 50%, RU.  B) Saliva of
           an enemy can be used in hostile spells and summoning demons to
           attack him.  Subtract TEN from success rolls on both cases.
           The demon will search out regardless of distance the enemy 
           of the saliva.  If demon is victorious he will be automatically
           dispelled and gain the soul of the person slain.  
           C) If enemy saliva used to cast a physical curse on him -15
              from the success roll.

        Salt - Mineral
          Enh - Eaten MDVx2 vs Jinn Races and Elder magics in general.
           If thrown at a member of the Jinn Races it has the effect of
           MEL8/EL4 Hand of Death spell.  Success kills, Failure banishes
           and Abysmal Failure no effect.  Throwing rules are the same as
           Purple Lotus.

        Sapphire - Gem
          Enh - A) Unshakable Courage B) EL6 immunity to Terror, Hatred
           And Anger spells.  The wearer can not fear, hate or get angry
           for any reason.  C) Automatically aware of disloyal folks that
           travel with him or work for him.                     
           D) Automatically open any lock that the stone touches and 
           the wearer knows exists.  E) Dex+15 Agil+15

        Scorpion Woman Poison - Creature
          Enh - Quartz crystal steeped in poison for 48 hours gives:
            A) MEL8/EL4 Fascination on Scorpion Beasts, Scorpion Men, 
               Desert Lions, and minor poisonous desert insects.
            B) For Trained MUs gives 10 Mana for Desert, Earth and Storm
               powers casting.
            C) Total immunity to desert Powers unless choosen not to be.
            D) Speak Tongue of the Desert at EL60

        Smarag - Mineral
          Enh - A) See in any darkness   B) Eloq+10
            C) if coins (max 4 per night) wrapped in black satin on stone
              overnight the coins will double.  IF not wrapped both
              Smarag and coins disappear.  Only allows in a full moon.

        Snake Grape - Plant
          Inherently Magical.  A)  Root automatically cures insanity.
            B) HC+30 Grape juices BUT for every hit healed -2 EnL points
            C) Eat leaves - Can't be intoxicated.  Total Immune to effects
              of any plant on him.  Constant state of pleasure for 24
              hours.  While in this state, total immune to Pain and
              notices onne regardless of damage whatsoever.  To stop the
              effect before duration ends, a Negate Curse is needed.

        Star Ruby - Gem
           Unen - Law oriented or aligned people will -5 to all magic/combat
             rolls.  Any other person will +5 to magic/combat.  
           Enh - Most potent stone of Law and gains
             A) MDV+5 Mana Level+5  B) Cast all Law spells he knows at EL+1
             C) Cast all known Light Powers EL+2  D) Total immune to Fire 
             Powers  E) -10 for success of any summoning attempts.
             F) -15 from success roll for banish chaos forces and dispell
             chaos oriented spells.
           The stone does not work for any non-law aligned/oriented
           persons.  If chaos aligned/oriented lose 2d6 EnL points per
           day he possess the stone.  Can be fatal.  Rules for this
           only apply to the enhanced stone.

        Star Sapphire - Gem
          Enh - Called Star of Darkness
           A) Cast Darkness Powers, Silence, & Hell Powers EL+2
           B) Wearer speaks Tongue of Darkness and Tongue of Abyss at EL60
           c) Never be attacked by Kuggi, Alal, Lalassu, Lammashra, or
              Beasts of Chaos.  He will always be attacked by Demons and
              law aligned forces.
           D) Can use Supernatural will power death powers as if he had
              a rating of 30 in that power.  Any person he maintains eye
              contact for 3 consecutive phases is automatically affected.
           E) Immune to spells in A but not Hell Powers
           F) MDV+10 vs Law Magic.  
           G) Any non-chaos wearer who casts spells will lose points of
              EnL equal to the mana cast.  No mana cast in this way will
              be regenerated while wearing the stone.
           H) Any chaos oriented mana cast will regnerate 3x normal speed
              while wearing the stone.

        Te'sla Blood - Creature
          As specified for Te'sla in Book 3

        Toad Blood - Animal
          Enh - Magic user drinks gets
            A) -10 for success in casting Necromantic Powers.
            B) -5 roll (spell) when trying to do physical/damage harm 
            C) -15 IF both A and B apply
            D) If bath in water with 5 doses of blood -20 to Lichcraft roll
           Effects are for one spell only.  If law oriented drinks then
           BL10 Immediate Death Poison effect.

        Toadstone - Gem
          Enh - Worn A) Automatically detect poisons within 2 hexes of him
            B) Gem swirled in goideli wine in iron goblet, potion 
               automatically negate any poison's effect.  Once created 
               must be drunk within 2 phaes.
            C) No ship the wearer rides on can sink impossible.

        Topaz - Gem
          Enh - Worn A) Ap+20  B) -20 on rolls to search for hidden
            treasure.  C) Swirled in water in cyrstal chalice - potion is
            BL10 Cure for insanity/emotional curse.  D) EL5 immunity to
            Isnanity, Emotional curse and mental curses.

        Tourmaline - Gem
          Enh - A) Eats light creates sphere of 2 hex radius darkness
            all light except healing light, creates darkness.  
            B) Wearer sees in any darkness   C) Immune to Darkness Powers
            D) Wearer immune to Light Powers while exposed to light
            E) Can communicate with any Kekoni if the spell is known
            F) Cast current EL+1 Darkness Powers
            G) MDVx2 vs law magic that is NOT castable of any other alignment.

        Turquoise - Gem
          Enh - A) Totally immune to Hatred and Quarrels Spell
            B) Stone darkens if wearer damaged/ill shatters if killed.
            C) Wearer can not be killed by any distance of fall.  If the
               fall is sufficient to kill the stone is shattered.
            Note - Shattered stone of this type is worthless.

        Unicorn Head - Creature
          Each horn does 2d10+20 doses of healing powder.  It gives
          EL8 Healing effects.  It must be ground mixed with water and
          dried.  Note - Once exposed to water will dry within 20 turns
          if not used in 1 hour, unless magically preserved, it is useless.

        Vervain - Herb
          Enh - Following IF worn in black satin pouch around belt:
            A) EL4 immunity to all forms of Fear/Terror.  
            B) If sack dipped in water, brass goblet potion is BL12 cure
               for poison/infection
            C) Treated as tonah by any canine animal, non supernatural,
               encounterd.  Will not bark in his presence or let him be
               injured without a fight.

        White Flint - Stone
          Enh - A) Wearer total immune to touch of ediummu/possession
            b) Stone warns if Edimmu or persons possesed within 10 hexes.
               Stone grows warmer as these approach.
            C) Stone placed on chest of possessed person has BL13 
               chance of exorcising the force.  Failure the person 
               is irrevcabiy insane and stone is shattered.
            Note - C above MDV is used for the spirit not person.

        White Lotus - Plant
          Inherently magical.  A) MDV+5 for all magic if inhale the fragrance
            for 24 hours.  B) MU eats petal has -10 for magic success rolls
            until this roll is made.  
            Note - Picked the fragrance lasts one day.  Petals are potent
            forever.  Each plant has one flower with 6 petals.  Each bed
            found will have 1d3* plants.

        White Poppy - Plant
          Inherently magica.  Ground stamen used in Peska, the more that
          is used the higher quality Peska.  If powdered, eaten and
          roll made HC+40, St+40 for the healing effect.  If he heals
          then as if EL2 Healing spell effects.  Important if eat pure
          white poppy have 40%-(Stbx4) chance then person is addicted
          as for Peska.  Must have one dose per day or withrawl is suffered.
          Note - Any non-human eats this then affected by BL10 Immediate
          Death Poison.

        Wolfbane - Herb
          Unen - EL4 repreller of Were-creatures
          Enh - EL8 repeller of were-creature.  If worn around the neck,
           it will attrack Hellhounds, Edimmu and Ghosts.  -5 to encounter
           chance rolls at night, if 0 or less these are encountered.
           Roll 1d3 to determine the type encountered.  No wearer if in
           the right position can be attacked by Hellhounds, Edimmu, or
           Ghosts.  If wearer attacks them the wolfbane acts as BL16
           Paralytic Poison and they are free to attack him at will.

        Wolf Blood - animal
          Enh - If drink then pernamnet, uncontrollable Battle Fury
            if drink a dose.  He will remain furious at all times
            when he is awake.  Every Station x 2 hours the person
            will pass out for 2d6 hours, the only time he will not
            be furious.  The effect will last until a Negate Curse is
            given there is no other cure.

        Wolf Eye - Animal
          Enh - If worn in a wolfskin pouch around belt protects the
            person in normal combat.  Wearer will -5 from all combat
            rolls including Missile Fire, +5 to attacker's rolls,
            excluding Missile Fire.  At no time is the effect additive.

        Wolf Skin - Animal
          Enh - Worn as a belt wearer can take form of wolf for as long
            as the belt is worn.  The belt can be removed by the wearer
            willingly.  Optional forms can be made to only be removed by
            a magic user that created it or a regular magic-user. If found 
            as a treasure referee can roll 1d3* to determine the type.

        Item Restrictions
          A) Only large, flawless gems can be enhanced for magical power.
          B) Only pure Stones, Minerals, Metals and those that have not
             been used for any other purpose can be enhanced.
          C) Item rules/restrictions must be followed fully or automatic
             failure of the item's power occurs.
          D) In all cases a location is required for use if not in right
             place nothing will occur.
          E) In cases will it repels, grants spells the standard magic
             item rules apply in 2.26
          F) If total immunity is given for something the person is
             not affected by that listed regardless of its strength.


Did a little impronptu research. Coulda sworn the info was in there. Anyway ..... there were a number of attributes assigned to this stone in the enhanced form. For the purpose of the game: 1) Increases Influence Chance by 10.
2) Acts as a Peace spell affecting the wearer and anyone in its range. Range is based on the EL of the enhancement used on it. The wearer is automatically affected. Others have their normal roll to resist the affect.
3) The wearer heals an additional hit point every day when he is wounded.
Hope that helps.

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Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 09:47:54 -0400
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It is magical healing but does not apply against the rule citing the danger of multiple magical healings. The effect minimizes hemorraghing, thus bleeding, bruising, etc. Reflected by the free hit point per day.

From:  Scott Adams <longshot at darktech.org> To:  "Sylverrs_ dragon" <abnaric at hotmail.com> CC:  abnaric at hotmail.com
Subject:  RE: Gems - Carnelian
Date:  Tue, 22 Aug 2006 22:29:09 -0400
>At 08:32 PM 8/22/06, Sylverrs_ dragon wrote:
> >Did a little impronptu research. Coulda sworn the info was in there. Anyway ..... there were a number of attributes assigned to this stone in the enhanced form. For the purpose of the game:
> >
> >1) Increases Influence Chance by 10.
> >
> >2) Acts as a Peace spell affecting the wearer and anyone in its range. Range is based on the EL of the enhancement used on it. The wearer is automatically affected. Others have their normal roll to resist the affect.
> >
> >3) The wearer heals an additional hit point every day when he is wounded.
> >
> >Hope that helps.
> >
> >
> >
> >
>Thanks.  My bard will like 2 and everyone will like 1 .  I assume that doesn't count as magical healing for the 24 hour thingie.
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Have you ever wondered about WHERE these plants
actually grow?  Some areas might have them in
abundance while others must import.  Some magic
users might even have greenhouses in which they
might "grow their own".  Need for some might trigger
an adventure.  Here's a list of some info I found
out surfing the net.
Adingantida...no information (Google search for this turned up the P&P site...only the P&P site) Agrimony...England/Scotland (AKorchu/Goidan?)...grows in hedgerows, and edges of fields...probably in other areas with same climate (true of all of these) Amaranth...Tropical plant...RARE in colder climes Wild Aramath...(different variety)...sometimes found in rubbish heaps.
Anemone...found in England and Europe....not in wooded areas but in open fields.
Angelica....Virginia and Japan (Taolisa?) Balim...no information
Basil....rare in Ireland....found in dry hedeges, copses (not corpses), higher elevation situations Belladonna.....Central/South Europe....SW Asia....Algeria Betony...Woods and copses, heaths and moors Bindweed...IT'S A WEED!  NOT well liked by farmers....probably found just about anywhere Cayene....Zanzibar
Celadine....Europe, W. Asia, N. Africa, England....old walls, waste ground, hedges, human habitations Chervil...pretty much throughout Europe...probably elsewhere as well Chimedon...nothing found
Cinquefoil...Europe, Russia, Central Asia...woods and hedges Clove Pink......pretty much anywhere
Elderberries.....Mid-range climates
Euphorba.......Morocco....slopes of their mountain ranges Fennel....Temperate Europe...shores of Medeterranian....India.....near waterways and shores Fern seed.....common in wet forrests
Garlic.....pretty much anywhere
Hellebore...Mountains of Central/Southern Europe, Greece, Asia Minor Hemlock....Europe, Temperate Asia, N. Africa Henbane....everywhere
Houseleek.....Mountains of Central/Southern Europe, Greek islands Hypercium (aka St. Johns Wort)...native to Europe, western Asia, North Africa, Madeira and the Azores Laurel....Asia Minor, Erope
Mandrake....Southern Europe
Mephis...nothing found
Mevais...nothing found
Mistletoe......everywhere....northern hemisphere Moon Rose....
Moon Wort.....
Mugwort....hedge banks
Purslane....pretty much anywehre in the northern hemisphere Quadishi Root?...
Rowan.....Rowan occurs widely throughout Europe, in western Asia in Russia and the Caucasus region, and in north Africa in the mountains of Morocco. Throughout its range it occurs in a variety of habitats, but it commonly grows in mountains and has been recorded at elevations of up to 2,000 metres in France.
Rue...southern Europe
Snake Grape...(aka Briony)...nothing found...
Vervain.....Europe, Barbary Coast, China, Japan....
Rue....sougthern Europe

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Good work. I have added a few notes below.

>Have you ever wondered about WHERE these plants actually grow?  Some areas might have them in abundance while others must import.  Some magic users might even have greenhouses in which they might "grow their own".  Need for some might trigger an adventure.  Here's a list of some info I found out surfing the net. 
>Adingantida...no information (Google search for this turned up the P&P site...only the P&P site) 
>Agrimony...England/Scotland (AKorchu/Goidan?)...grows in hedgerows, and edges of fields...probably in other areas with same climate (true of all of these) 
>Amaranth...Tropical plant...RARE in colder climes 
>Wild Aramath...(different variety)...sometimes found in rubbish heaps. 
>Anemone...found in England and Europe....not in wooded areas but in open fields. 
>Angelica....Virginia and Japan (Taolisa?)  Taolisa equates to Japan to some extent 
>Balim...no information 
>Basil....rare in Ireland....found in dry hedeges, copses (not corpses), higher elevation situations 
>Belladonna.....Central/South Europe....SW Asia....Algeria 
>Betony...Woods and copses, heaths and moors 
>Bindweed...IT'S A WEED!  NOT well liked by farmers....probably found just about anywhere 
>Celadine....Europe, W. Asia, N. Africa, England....old walls, waste ground, hedges, human habitations 
>Chervil...pretty much throughout Europe...probably elsewhere as well 
>Chimedon...nothing found 
>Cinquefoil...Europe, Russia, Central Asia...woods and hedges 
>Clove Pink......pretty much anywhere 
>Elderberries.....Mid-range climates 
>Euphorbia.......Morocco....slopes of their mountain ranges 
>Fennel....Temperate Europe...shores of Medeterranian....India.....near waterways and shores 
>Fern seed.....common in wet forrests 
>Garlic.....pretty much anywhere 
>Hellebore...Mountains of Central/Southern Europe, Greece, Asia Minor 
>Hemlock....Europe, Temperate Asia, N. Africa 
>Houseleek.....Mountains of Central/Southern Europe, Greek islands 
>Hypercium (aka St. Johns Wort)...native to Europe, western Asia, North Africa, Madeira and the Azores 
>Laurel....Asia Minor, Erope 
>Mandrake....Southern Europe 
>Mephis...nothing found 
>Mevais...nothing found 
>Mistletoe......everywhere....northern hemisphere 
>Moon Rose.... 
>Moon Wort..... 
>Mugwort....hedge banks 
>Purslane....pretty much anywehre in the northern hemisphere 
>Quadishi Root?... Loved the powers but knew no one would buy the purported source so I changed the name to one of my own. Qadishi Root is a RADISH. 
>Rowan.....Rowan occurs widely throughout Europe, in western Asia in Russia and the Caucasus region, and in north Africa in the mountains of Morocco. Throughout its range it occurs in a variety of habitats, but it commonly grows in mountains and has been recorded at elevations of up to 2,000 metres in France. 
>Rue...southern Europe 
>Snake Grape...(aka Briony)...nothing found... Going just on the name, Shurikal or the Ghazai lands would be a great place for the best of it. 
>Vervain.....Europe, Barbary Coast, China, Japan.... 
>Rue....southern Europe 
Up to the Referee what level of detail he wants to go to here. Vary the difficulty of finding the quality needed for a given use on the results/benefits that use will yield.
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