Population Detail: Ro'babza

Fri Oct 10 18:32:41 CEST 1997

Ro'babza is primarily a tribal kingdom with a tight, centrally located
urban area.  There is a single city, K'lza'babwe, with a population of
40,000.  This city is supported by 9 townships:

        Morcabza        [K'lza'babwe]   (population 2,630 (zi); 2,400
(a); 2,740 (ha) = 7,770)
                Ha'k'lza                        [K'lza'babwe]
(population 2,820 (zi); 2,960 (ha) = 5,780)
                Lorcakali               [K'lza'babwe-1] (population
3,780 (zi); 2,780 (a); 2,080 (ha) = 8,640)
                K'babzaiba              [K'lza'babwe-1] (population
3,470 (zi); 2,450 (a); 2,460 (ha) = 8,380)
                Za'baimma               [K'lza'babwe-2] (population
3,220 (zi); 2,860 (a); 1,700 (ha) = 7,780)
                A'bassali               [K'lza'babwe-3] (population
2,570 (zi); 2,670 (ha) = 5,240)
                K'lzai                  [K'lza'babwe-4] (population
2,540 (zi); 3,390 (a); 2,980 (ha) = 8,910)
                Ma'bali                 [K'lza'babwe-5] (population
2,750 (zi); 2,380 (a); 2,220 (ha) = 7,350)
                Hahorca         [K'lza'babwe-6] (population 2,820 (zi);
3,730 (a); 2,590 (ha) = 9,140)

There are also 4 fortress towns within the borders:
                Ft. Zi'helali           [Hele-556]
(population 2,610)
                Ft. Ba Morca    [The Zimmali-44)]       (population
                Ft. Zi A'ba             [The Hobali-661)]
(population 2,770)
                Ft. Lomet               [The Zuiassa-443]
(population 1,730)

The remaining population is tribal and nomadic in nature, comprised of
over 5,080 family groups with an average headcount of 25 members.  By
the tribes, the number of family groups are:
                N'yetali                        910
                Zalazibabwe             805
                Hobali                  765
                Zimmali                 730
                Kunni                   590
            Zuiassa                     490
                Niballa                 450
                Zi'gzaba                        345

NOTE: Ro'babzan townships are single urban centers which appear to be
spread-out cities but are actually composed of 2 or 3 towns that are
nearly in contact.  Such "multiple towns" use the same name, with each
section adding a "quantifier" based on their orientation to K'lza'babwe
-- 'zi ("heading towards"), 'ha ("heading away from" and 'a ("center").
Thus, Morcabza has three districts named "Morcabza'zi", "Morcabza'ha"
and "Morcabza'a".  The "center" district is situated between the 'zi and
'ha districts.  Such towns can be quite long and narrow.  The end
result, if one were to fly high above the city area, is a star-like
pattern with the central city and many long urban "rays" following the
minor roads out.

NOTE2: To locate the forts, track the path from the hex containing the
"tribal center"
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