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Tue Oct 14 13:33:22 CEST 1997

> Larry D. Hols [SMTP:crkdface at PCPARTNER.NET]
> ||        AH has had the rights to RuneQuest for some time.  They
> recently
> || parted ways with Chaosium, so they no longer have Glorantha as the
> official
> || RQ world.  That is why Perilous Lands may be appropriated for RQ.
> Frankly, as long as they do something with map books and
> culture books are getting a little chewed up and I could use new ones.
> :)
> While the map is pretty good as it is, a little tweaking and artwork
> revamping couldn't hurt.
> ||        I pitched the idea of a new edition of P&P to as an
> alternative
> || product for those people not terribly interested in RQ (such as
> me.)  I had
> || to sell them on the viability of supporting two sets of fantasy
> rules
> || before I got the go ahead to send in the formal proposal.  So, by
> all
> || indications, RQ is getting revamped and P&P, if they get sold on
> the idea,
> || will be a second line of products supported by AH.
> And they will have to be careful with both.  Even though it seems that
> the CCG wave has crested and settling down to reasonable levels, there
> is still a glut of RPG systems out there and in both cases the two
> games need to distinguish themselves in order to make a mark.
> I do hope that AH decides to go with the box format kept my
> books alive for the longest time until the box died and thus exposed
> them to wear.
> ||        If they should decide to not publish a new edition, I'm
> going to
> || negotiate for the rights to the game, if possible.  Then I will be
> able to
> || market the new ed to another company; I've a couple in mind
> already.
> Well, as you probably have seen, you will not be lacking in
> playtesters. :)
>     -- Burton

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