The weirdness will now begin

Burton & Linda Choinski linna at NETCOM.COM
Sun Apr 12 17:42:36 CEST 1998

Longshot wrote:
re: Heros of legends book
||      So do you follow the result to the letter or span on it?

I take the general idea of the result and fit it to a perilous lands
flavor.  Most of the rolls are very D&Dish

|| "B> However, I have always played and viewed the Donarans as the
|| "B> "decadent roman orgy types", so it wasn't too bad a stretch.
|| "B> Actually, the skill in my game is "SexAppeal", and she is a Female
|| "B> centaur, so he may have just liked the scenery. :)
|| I dunno..I always played them as normals...

Most's the upper classes that are bad.

|| That's true.  Do you use this table in conjuction or in replacement of the
|| Special Events in the pnp rules?  Do you do it the same number of age rolls?

This is a complete replacement.  Since many of the rolls are more
background fluff I go with the numbers suggested in the book.

|| "B> Whatever cultural stuff I work up for the Lands that I post here will
|| "B> be cleaned up for pure P&P.  Plus any game aids i make that are of
|| "B> general use.
|| Great...

I have some Ma'helan stuff and Djani stuff.  I will probably be filling in
more Djani/Novholm stuff as game #1 continues (mostly political).
Game #2 is heading down to Marentia, so I guess I'm going to have to
get the city/town stuff worked up for down there.

|| "B> Tell me about it. And the characters have decided to set down roots
|| "B> in Novholm (far enough away from the capital that this character can
|| "B> operate)         -- Burton
|| At least till they get into trouble right ? :)

Unfurtunately, the "prince's twin" character sheet was lost, so he made
another...he still got them in trouble, however.  Him and one other
character just killed the ambassador from the Larbani (the same one the old
healer contacted to put the wasting disease on the duke), and in
a few game days the stuff will hit the fan. :)

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