Mass combat rules...

Scott Adams longshot at JAX.FIDONET.ORG
Mon Apr 27 01:30:57 CEST 1998

    Mass combat rules

    Some comments:

    1) We could use some subset or subsection of those rules for
       Aerial and especially naval battles.  :)  Any takers?

    2) What about non-human forces.  A section of modifiers should
       be given for like Elven archers (sometimes better than humans),
       Dwarfs (strength factor), etc...

    3) I see the special forces section I suppose aerial bombers cold
       be given faerry bombers :)...

    4) Tactics/formation could affect the battle as well.  Its sorta
       covered but leaders could pick like picket lines, box formation,
       etc.  And factor those in.  Just a suggestion.

    5) It could use some weather affects (storms, cold, etc.)
    6) With weather comes fog which reminds me of smoke on the battle field.

    7) The damage chart
        12    2d3 damage
        10-11  2d6-AV damage
        8-9   4d6-AV damage
        6-7   8d6-AV damage
        5-   12d6-AV damage

        I suggest adding info on affecting that with skills and stats.
        Ie those who have survival, tactics oriented skills should
        do better to avoid damage than a peasant :).

        Sorry couldn't be more specific.  In a hurry.

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