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Just a note for your information.

I've been taking a look at one of my old games lately and I thought a
number of people out there might not be aware of its existence.
Adventures in Fantasy is basically a seedling version of Powers and
Perils by Richard Snider and Dave Arnsen (co-creator of D&D) published
in 1976 (I think - I don't have it in front of me right now).  It has
many of the same elements as P&P - supernatural orientations (Law,
Chaos, Neutral, Elven), mana costs, skill expertise, etc.
Some time ago I had asked about ideas for Druids and Bards.  I agree
with Elder Wizards being synonomous with Druids, but Bards are not
well represented by the Qadishtu or Kalu Priest.  These Priests do use
music as does a Bard, but I think the similarity ends there.  The
powers they have are not those of the Bards I have read about.
Anyway, Adventures in Fantasy has rules for Bards with powers more in
line with the way that I envision Bards.  When (sometime soon I hope)
I have tweaked them for P&P I will drop them onto this list and see
what you think...

Tim Falkenberg.


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---"M.V.Tuynman" <Mathijs.Tuynman at STUDENT.UVA.NL> wrote:
> At 06:49 24-01-99 -0600, you wrote:
> >Although this may not be appropriate for this list, I am posting it
here to
> >get the opinions of the obviously intelligent fans of Powers and
> >
> >My own game, Dark Fantasy, is based almost entirely on Powers and
> >although, at this revision date, it looks almost nothing like
Powers and
> >Perils.  One of the elements of this game is the dynamic spell
> >system - a system where the spellcaster can, ahead of time and
before the
> >game, create spells suitable to his own level of experience and
> >given the time and the resources.  The spells that he can create
are truly
> >customizable; i.e. he can create any sort of spell that he desires.
> >course, once again, this is limited by his level of experience, and
> >expertise in the magical arts.
> >
> >The system as it has been playtested has remain unchanged (with minor
> >balancing tweaks) for the last 3 revisions (I am at revision level
5 now).
> >I am at the point that I am going to have to scrap it, as it is
> >and has been functional so far, but the spells that it creates are
> >generic, and the system is far too complicated and contains far too
> >objective elements and requires many arbitrary rulings by the
> >
> >So, I present it here.  How would _you_ handle this problem?
> >
> >David Jackson
> >
> The idea seems OK, but of course I don't know the specifics of your
> yet. If I would want to give my players lots of freedom in developing
> spells, I would prepare a basic standard system that is valid for all
> spells. This system in turn determines the BMC of the spell
developed. It
> would be something like this:
>             NA    LITTLE          NORMAL          MUCH          VERY
> BMC:      -1 or+0   +0          +1              +2 or x2        +3
or x3
> Duration:   once    phases   turns to hours  days to weeks
> Range:      touch   0-1"        (EL+1)"         miles
> Area Effect: none   0-1"        (EL+1)"         (EL+1)x2"       miles
> Damage:     none    EL+1        (EL+1)D6        dmg per phase   fatal
> Roll modif: none    EL+1        (EL+1)x10%       --
> Of course, this is very global, but it gives an impression of what I
> The Referee can impose restrictions, such as the need for a portion
of the
> victim's anatomy, etc.
> Then I would assign some "magical spheres", more or less coinciding
with the
> P&P supernatural languages system. A PC would have to state in which
> sphere(s) he wants to specialize in, and he may only develop spells
> derive their power from that sphere. For example, there could be
> like: animal, plant, air, water, fire, earth, sun, healing, death,
> necromancy, emotional, etc.
> Now you have the basics for a spell system. If, for example, a PC
would want
> to develop a fire dart spell that does (EL+1)D6 damage to one target
> (EL+1)", he would have to be a fire specialist, and the spell would
be BMC 2
> (as it does "normal" damage at a "normal" range).
> Mathijs (not Matijs)

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