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PaPF>     Well, we decided to give the 24-hour thing a shot first.  If we do
PaPF> like it, we will bump it to per 12-hours.  Right now, the 24 hours thi
PaPF> isn't too bad...but it *might* be a little slow for our tastes.  Lucki
PaPF> character (Adjaan; a Marentian 'battle mage' kinda guy) isn't too bad
PaPF> he is out of spells.  He has EL 5 in Great Sword and has an OCV of +9,

A 12 hour could be done but I'd not include the MEL bonus as every 12 hours
that could be a regeneration speed that is powerful.  Don't forget the mana
battery theory though so 24 hours is good for overall games.  Course the mana
battery can be very abused so you have to do restrictions and such :)

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