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PaPF> With the heavy supernatural bent of Powers and Perils, I like to grant
PaPF> the mana regeneration at sunrise.  This seems to be counted as the
PaPF> beginning of the day in many cultures.  It might make it interesting
PaPF> in a Tundra setting however!  I thought about granting it when the
PaPF> first sunlight of the day hit the characters but rejected it as
PaPF> leading to too many problems.  Also while this might make sense for a
PaPF> Law Wizard (light affiliation) it does not for a Chaos Wizard.  An
PaPF> interesting notion for the Chaos Wizard would be midnight regeneration
PaPF> with this system however (and Elder at twighlight (sunset or sunrise).

That is an interesting alternative.. I tend to just have it regenerate once
camp is broken, its daylight a bit already and they move on.  But would make
sense based on the supernatural/god/religious aspects of the game.

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