Shooting things...

Paul L. Ming pming at YT.SYMPATICO.CA
Sat Jan 30 05:43:43 CET 1999

Hiya folks.

    I am designing a 'backup character' for our current P&P campaign and am
seriously looking at an archer-type guy.  One thing that is seeming more and
more strange is what line you roll on (on the combat table).  Now, correct
me if I am wrong here, but don't the numbers in the "Range Fractions" table
in book two (page 6).  Ok, fine.  One thing that we would like direct feed
back on is this: does the opponent get to 'subtact his DCV from the line?
Example: if I shoot my long bow at someone who is at Point blank range (say,
20'), I roll on line +12.  Period.  I do not subtract the opponents DCV.
Correct?  This is how we have been playing it.  Anyone else have a different


Denakhan the Arch-Mage.

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