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    Well, Tim and I got together and plopped some files (doc and rtf for
now, but see the page) up on my as-yet-uncompleted www site.  They are all
in a .zip file, so you will need Winzip or something to extract them.  I
WILL be converting them to html and PDF format...I just need a day or two to
do it. :)

    Anyway, the files are stuff from P&P, as well as some home made rules
from Tim.  I gave a quick description of each file there.

    Oh, where is "there"?  Go here:


A note from Tim (Currently on Paul's Computer - Contact him at
falkenberg at rocketmail.com

Just a little longer description of the files for your perusal....

pl_cultural_alignment - Alignment biases of the Perilous Lands.  Mostly as
an aid for creating aligned characters such as Shamans, Priests and Wizards.

pl_cultural_power - A cultural power chart.  When looking at my big (4
bristle board) map of the Perilous Lands (don't you wish you had one...) I
like to get a feel for the relative powers of the cultures and the chart at
the end of the Site Book has too much jammed into it for my taste.

pl_cultures - My adaption of Burton Choinski's table.  I've changed the
height calculation, added Native Ability modifiers and Non-combat skills.
I'll probably do up another one as I'm thinking of switching over to
Harnmaster skills.  I would like to see still more Non-combat skills on

pl_gods_incomplete - My cosmology research project.  Still far from
complete.  You're welcome to what I've got typed up so far.  Hopefully much
more to come.  I think I've got a semi-solid grasp of where Richard Snider
was coming from, but some of the organization and Gods seem wanky.

pl_randomculture - I use this in conjunction with Burton's Power and
Population based tables.  His are much better.  This simply gives an equal
chance of any culture.   There is a slight population bias.

pp_alignments - Reviews the P&P orientations.  A good Player

pp_experience_reference - I prefer to have players calculate their own
experience and expertise as we play to speed things up.  These sheets put it
all in a decent layout.

pp_joss_option - Adapted from Dangerous Journeys : Mythus.  A luck/fatepoint
idea that I tried out during a short-lived P&P Necropolis (DJMythus)
adventure.  Some of it I liked - Most of it I didn't.  I don't think I'll
use it again.

pp_priest_powers - These sheets go over the basic powers shared by all

pp_priest_urigallu - This is the first of the priest classes I have typed
up.  It's also the only one currently finished.

pp_priests - This goes over starting ELs, Ranks, Station, Promotion, etc...

pp_spell_sheet - A spell record sheet.


That's all for now.  Use as you see fit.  I didn't post them on Wout's page
because I don't know how he feels about hosting some of this "revised"


Paul (n' Tim)

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