Scott Adams longshot at DARKTECH.ORG
Sat May 15 03:45:20 CEST 1999

>    Well, Tim and I got together and plopped some files (doc and rtf for
>now, but see the page) up on my as-yet-uncompleted www site.  They are all
>in a .zip file, so you will need Winzip or something to extract them.  I
>WILL be converting them to html and PDF format...I just need a day or two to
>do it. :)

And maybe text hopefully :)...not everyone had word (luckilly
I do ).  Any cultural book info? :)

>pl_cultural_alignment - Alignment biases of the Perilous Lands.  Mostly as
>an aid for creating aligned characters such as Shamans, Priests and Wizards.

This will be useful for players.

>pl_gods_incomplete - My cosmology research project.  Still far from
>complete.  You're welcome to what I've got typed up so far.  Hopefully much
>more to come.  I think I've got a semi-solid grasp of where Richard Snider
>was coming from, but some of the organization and Gods seem wanky.

Was hoping you got a bit more detailed here..maybe backgrouns..personality :)

>pp_joss_option - Adapted from Dangerous Journeys : Mythus.  A luck/fatepoint
>idea that I tried out during a short-lived P&P Necropolis (DJMythus)
>adventure.  Some of it I liked - Most of it I didn't.  I don't think I'll
>use it again.

I was wondering what that file was :)

>That's all for now.  Use as you see fit.  I didn't post them on Wout's page
>because I don't know how he feels about hosting some of this "revised"

How about typed in spell info? :)

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