Tim Falkenberg falkenberg at ROCKETMAIL.COM
Sun May 16 01:04:17 CEST 1999

> And maybe text hopefully :)...not everyone had word (luckilly
> I do ).  Any cultural book info? :)

Nothing that isn't there yet.  I've still got lots of incomplete files
that will get out there eventually....
> >pl_gods_incomplete - My cosmology research project.  Still far from
> >complete.  You're welcome to what I've got typed up so far.
Hopefully much
> >more to come.  I think I've got a semi-solid grasp of where Richard
> >was coming from, but some of the organization and Gods seem wanky.
> Was hoping you got a bit more detailed here..maybe
backgrouns..personality :)

I'm heading that direction.  I'm probably going to eliminate some of
the gods and give it all a little more structure with personalities,
history, mythology, etc...  This could be a long time coming however.
> How about typed in spell info? :)

Sorry.  Haven't got any of this.


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