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Fri May 28 23:57:30 CEST 1999


>1) Magic:  How do you guys do your magic in PNP?  Some systems just have
>the characters wave hands..while others have to chant..and still others
>have to use spell components or books.  Just curious.  I tend to let the
>players do the preparation in the mind and thus maybe do some dramatics
>(hand waving..etc).
>Input would be good on this.

    Pretty much "by the book".  The only excpetion is how I handle clerical
stuff.  Simply put, I treat them basically like Wizards of Law/Balance/Chaos
but use WIll instead of Intelligence.  Oh, just for completeness, I use the
revised "group costs" found in the Book of Tables for spells that are
comprised of several spells (Nectomatic Powers, Fire Powers, Travel Powers,
    As for components and such, I don't think I've every used them in P&P.
We more or less assumed that they wern't needed or were easily available.

>2) whats going on with the revision?

    Personally, I'm in the process of building a new computer.  This one had
to be reformatted and all that, but I have all the "stuff" that Baron Tim
has given to me to convert to HTML (and RTF and maybe PDF) sitting on a zip
disk here.  I won't be able to work on it util my new system is up and
running and networked to the other computer(s).'s on hold from my
    Speaking of Baron Tim, he has written out a whole swack of skills from
Harn Master.  I haven't had a chance to really look at them yet, but I
probably will on Sunday.  They'll be going up too.

>3) Got a pbem mailing list ready and need to test it this weekend...

    Looking forward to it.  Oh, BTW, my character (Sasha), she is pretty
much done.  What you have is about 95% or more.  I thought I had more to do
on her.


Denakhan the Arch-Mage

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