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>>1) Magic:  How do you guys do your magic in PNP?  Some systems just have
>>the characters wave hands..while others have to chant..and still others
>>have to use spell components or books.  Just curious.  I tend to let the
>>players do the preparation in the mind and thus maybe do some dramatics
>>(hand waving..etc).
>>Input would be good on this.
>    Pretty much "by the book".  The only excpetion is how I handle clerical
>stuff.  Simply put, I treat them basically like Wizards of Law/Balance/Chaos
>but use WIll instead of Intelligence.  Oh, just for completeness, I use the
>revised "group costs" found in the Book of Tables for spells that are
>comprised of several spells (Nectomatic Powers, Fire Powers, Travel Powers,

Opps.  I meant spell execution.  I'm sure everyone does it by the book for
spell use and such.  But the role playing aspect of spell/magic execution.
Do you murmur words...act like some hollywood shaman and make a big dance
or what? :)

>    As for components and such, I don't think I've every used them in P&P.
>We more or less assumed that they wern't needed or were easily available.

With the many magical parts in the treature book it is a good ss
system to use but like you I rarely use it unless things are desperate for
a player (like behind enemy lines and weak) :)

>    Personally, I'm in the process of building a new computer.  This one had
>to be reformatted and all that, but I have all the "stuff" that Baron Tim
>has given to me to convert to HTML (and RTF and maybe PDF) sitting on a zip
>disk here.  I won't be able to work on it util my new system is up and
>running and networked to the other computer(s).'s on hold from my
>    Speaking of Baron Tim, he has written out a whole swack of skills from
>Harn Master.  I haven't had a chance to really look at them yet, but I
>probably will on Sunday.  They'll be going up too.

Cool.  Look forward to it...

>>3) Got a pbem mailing list ready and need to test it this weekend...
>    Looking forward to it.  Oh, BTW, my character (Sasha), she is pretty
>much done.  What you have is about 95% or more.  I thought I had more to do
>on her.

Great icq or email it when done and ready :)

To be honest it is a bit scary...9 of the 14 players own pnp which is rare
usually when I do a game over echomail or such the players don't own the
game.  Since most do I'll have to be a stickler for rules details and such
and try to run it to the level of most of you guys do.  :) It should be fun
though...I tested the list tonight and end of the weekend will
automatically add people to it ...

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