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At 04:43 PM 5/28/99 -0700, you wrote:
>    Nothing so fancy.  Matter of fact, we are kinda boring in that regard I
>    DM: "What do you do?"
>    Tim: "I'll cast a Fire Darts spell at full EL."
>    DM: "Ok."
>    See?  Told you.  ;-)  On occasion a battle will be so damned exciting
>someone might let out a "WHOO-HOO!  Take that you evil bastard!"  Does that
>count?  ;-)
>    From a character perspective, I think we all assume something along the
>lines of standing ralatively still, waving arcane hand jestures while
>reciting mystical incantations.  Maybe tossing around some 'material
>component' if the player feels particularly inspired at the time.


I tend to just have characters murmur it character wise while
others might use if in a crowd to impress them or to wave arms to scare
wild beasties :)

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