Paul L. Ming pming at YT.SYMPATICO.CA
Sat May 29 01:43:48 CEST 1999


>Opps.  I meant spell execution.  I'm sure everyone does it by the book for
>spell use and such.  But the role playing aspect of spell/magic execution.
>Do you murmur words...act like some hollywood shaman and make a big dance
>or what? :)

    Nothing so fancy.  Matter of fact, we are kinda boring in that regard I

    DM: "What do you do?"
    Tim: "I'll cast a Fire Darts spell at full EL."
    DM: "Ok."

    See?  Told you.  ;-)  On occasion a battle will be so damned exciting
someone might let out a "WHOO-HOO!  Take that you evil bastard!"  Does that
count?  ;-)

    From a character perspective, I think we all assume something along the
lines of standing ralatively still, waving arcane hand jestures while
reciting mystical incantations.  Maybe tossing around some 'material
component' if the player feels particularly inspired at the time.


Denakhan the Arch-Mage

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