Tim Falkenberg falkenberg at ROCKETMAIL.COM
Sun May 30 04:02:15 CEST 1999

>     Nothing so fancy.  Matter of fact, we are kinda boring in that
regard I
> guess.
>     DM: "What do you do?"
>     Tim: "I'll cast a Fire Darts spell at full EL."
>     DM: "Ok."
>     See?  Told you.  ;-)  On occasion a battle will be so damned
> someone might let out a "WHOO-HOO!  Take that you evil bastard!"
Does that
> count?  ;-)

I think in P&P we often get so caught up in all the math that we
forget some of the characterizations.  In combat anyway.  I'd like to
start trying to apply some modifiers for gestures, voice, proper
components, etc... (As Ars Magica).  Probably very small modifiers (a
couple of percentage points here and there).  Priests have more ritual
type spell and I can see incense and  chanting and such for them.

My Druid and Bard (and possibly Ovate - Soothsayer) research is coming
along and I might have something done up reasonably soon.  But I've
said that before....

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