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>I think in P&P we often get so caught up in all the math that we
>forget some of the characterizations.  In combat

That's true least in this pbem game I'll do all the math and you guys
just role-play and do the dialogue :)

anyway.  I'd like to
>start trying to apply some modifiers for gestures, voice, proper
>components, etc... (As Ars Magica).  Probably very small modifiers (a
>couple of percentage points here and there).  Priests have more ritual
>type spell and I can see incense and  chanting and such for them.

That's actually an interesting idea and makes sense..I mean if you trying
to scare say a barbarian tribe with some magic then gesturing would
influence well your influence chance :)

>My Druid and Bard (and possibly Ovate - Soothsayer) research is coming
>along and I might have something done up reasonably soon.  But I've
>said that before....

Cool.  We all know a good example of a semi bard is Xena's companion...more
a writer but almost a bard :)

But then again using Herc/Xena as a rpg example is bad :)

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