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>I have to enthusiastically nod in agreement here.  This is my 20th year,
>having been involved in gaming since I was 13 (and I'm 33 now).  But just
>the fact that we're all P&P enthusiasts reveals some age.  I haven't seen a
>decent supplement since the last of the Judge's Guild stuff, or maybe the
>Iron Wind campaign world by ICE.  Now that was a cool setting, well thought
>out, the kind of thing that great games are made of.
>I would have to argue that some of the AD&D modules were quite excellent.
>The supplemental material was usually trash, after a point, but in the
>beginning it all was very useful to own (I think TSR's decline began with
>Unearthed Arcana).  My favorite AD&D module is still my all-time favorite
>module ever - "The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth".  It's epic adventure material
>at it's best.  Now, maybe I'm just peculiar on that module (I've run it so
>many times, with different groups at conventions, that I know every nuance,
>and I still love it), but in my mind, it marks the last of the great fantasy
>roleplaying material.
>Maybe that's what someone should do.  Do like TSR did, set down a formula
>for how the products should come out, and stick to that formula.  TSR's
>early formula was; rulebooks + adventure modules.  Specific consistency on
>both.  High quality on both.  When they started expanding into character
>class books and all that trash, then it just went downhill.  The most
>disappointing book of all time was the Dungeoneer's Guide.  What a load of

Well we are digressing a bit off topic.  But it just seemed that the D&D
were insert maze, insert monster, insert some npcs and characters and run. 
formula.  So I think that's why I got a bit off of them and went to other
Course when we all started the 'dungeon' style of gaming was just about the
to do but after awhile it was like a tad boring.  I mean how did these
live outside the dark dankness of dungeons with no light all the time :)

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