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Burton Choinski bchoinski at MEDIAONE.NET
Sat Nov 11 17:37:01 CET 2000

In a somewhat related topic, A while ago I had considered trying to figure
out the "rules" behind the spells (if something like that is even possible).
The idea was to be able to have casters create spell variants based on
spells they already know.

One way to possibly do it is to exchange EL's in different areas.  Obviously
GM control does need to be in there, but as a general rule it should be
treated as a "lossy" exchange...1 EL of effect up in one area in exchange
for 2 EL down in another (or 1 EL down in two others).

Example: Joe Pyrowizard has developed a new vesrion of Fireball for his
personal use, called the "Firestorml".  In thus case, it does more damage
but has less range.  Damage gets the +1 EL.  Since Rnage and duration in
this spell are linked, BOTH get the -2 EL.  Obviously, he cannot cast this
spell variant, due to it's inefficient use of mana, until he is at least EL

At EL5 in this spell, he will do 7d10 damage, but epeed is only 4 and range
is only 8.

Variants are learned like other spells, and raised individually.

Again, GM scrutiny of the variant is critical, and gotchas like the above
example's linked attributes have to be looked for.

If anyone comes up with good variants, perhaps a new spell name. description
and statistics can be written up, for ease of use by later players and GMs.

"We have that wizard now...his spell should have worn off. Charge!  *woof*"
     -- Burton

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