CD Update

Jim Gianoglio thorgest at NLC.NET
Sun Nov 12 20:16:59 CET 2000

A OCR I have used that is extremely easy to use and should do a very good
job is Finereader the downside to the trial version is that you can only
scan 50 pages before it expires. When I scanned a P&P sheet with it it read
the boxes as graphics and I had to type in those pages. I like the idea of
saving it in a text format because I like to insert artwork I find on the
internet; P&P is a great game but the graphics are pitiful.

Change of subject: Campaigns
Do you think it might be possible to have a coordinated effort to flesh out
the Perilous Lands? The areas already posted on the website are a great
start. If we could divide the lands up and develop more detail and scenario
start poiints we could end up with a superior playing environment.

Jim G.

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