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At 03:39 AM 11/12/00 +0100, you wrote:

>4) I am going to scan EVERYTHING in.  Initially this is TIF I believe.
>This ORIGINAL will be put on the CD.  Once in TIF I will use some FREE FOR
>15 DAYS OCR App to convert it/read it.  There are a few good ones out there
>and it won't cost me anything to do it this way.  I will then of course
>have to read it all (while doing this I'd imagine, so pray for me and my
>  Once in DOC or whatever format (Hopefully with images of all
>the grey boxes, etc...) I will strip off the boxes and pictures and get
>just plain text.

Include text (ascii) for those old foggies who prefer that format :)
Something you could do with the images (all images) is scan them in
and make a directory for them so that folks can see for example what a Dwarf
looks like if needed.  Since all are B&W wouldn't be too hard (aside from
the maps but those are already scanned and on wout's site).

>5) This plain text will be added to the database/app I have already created.

In what what?  Seperate or tied in so we can't edit? :)  

>6) The DOC file will already be searchable using WORD, but I will have my
>brother convert (for free once again) the DOC to a PDF.  These will be by
>book I imagine (so you may have to wait for them to load!).  But they will
>also be searchable and readable on almost any PC nowadays.

Cool.  Word is great then can convert to text if needed.  Heck could even
the images in there since word supports graphics.  But remeber there are some
linux folks here (I think those in Europe?) so pc formats might not work.  So
the lowest common demonitor (text) might be good as a backup.

>So, my plans so far are:
>All the P&P stuff will be on the CD in TIF, DOC, PDF, AND Plain Text.  The
>Character creator, Creature creator, Character Class NPC creator, Regular
>NPC creator(yet to be made), and Treasure Generator (yet to be made) will
>also be on the CD.  This at this point is looking like a Visual Basic

Treas gen already done on wout's site and it was pretty old but still good.
I did npc generator but not for creatures.  If you get to the final weeks let
me know and I'll maybe work on some changes or something for the programs.
Make it more final.  I know there are some versions of the pc generator out
there that some may not have.

>executable runable from anyone that has the CD (I will have an installer if
>needed, etc... so you won't need MSAccess). I have legal access to a copy
>of VB6.0 Developer. All the Information concerning the Game from Wout's
>site will be on the CD (and in the apps as needed).  The Site will
>basically be "replicated" on the CD Drive letter(with references changed to
>the cd's drive "hopefully"-any help from Wout would be nice concerning how
>to pluck this from the registry in HTML or what have you).

I have a HTML2text convertor if ya need it.  Also How about adding THIS
list to the CD all copies back to the start so folks can maybe view them.
I have them all on my bbs (each month in one zip and all text files).  So that
could save you some time.  You could put each month in a subdirectory
and maybe make a quick viewer (I could probably put one together if I
had the time).  Actually text might not be too good if you could do the
HTML like the website then have it that way so folks can't do that
the CGI would not work.  But both HTML and text could be a option.
I have about 6 megs of p&p files on the bbs some 123 files.  The list itself
is about 1.9 meg and 36 files (36 months I guess?).

>IF anyone would like to help OCRing a book it would be greatly appreciated
>(as the skill section alone took about 2 hours, but that with a scribbled
>in copy - Now I have a cherry copy to use).

My scanner is in a REAL bad location on the desk so it takes a time to do just
one or two pages.  So it'd take me a big while here.  I need a new desk :)

>IF anyone would be interested in adding any new ideas for the CD I'm open
>to suggestions (if a format is bad, if you need a certain format, etc..).
>Please remember that additional formats may imply additional work, and if I
>don't have legal access to a developement app I'm probably not going to use

See above.  Copying Wout's site in entirety of HTML would be nice for the 
CD but would not be too flatering for wout so maybe some form of variation
would work as well as the above ideas.

Theres cheesey things like a directory of sample characters  folks have done,
creatures..adventures (yeah right).  Or even player or character bios.  A
few texts writting by all of us like on how we got pnp and our backgrounds and
maybe a way to just describe the game we love.  Ok.  Bad idea :) 

>ps. sorry to all those who posted their addresses on here, you probably
>should have private e-mailed me (not that I'm going to do anything, but
>just for regular Inet security and all).  Scott, you can wait all you want
>oh most gracious GM (LOL, can you hear the sucking void noises coming from
>up here in Ohio?). secret :)
Speaking of which gotta do a update....hmm 1 hour before bed...doubt i'll
get it done tonight.

Oh a section on the various web sites would work.  Wout's off course,
pauls, the spell list site, and such addresses.  Alot of cds these days have
pure HTML formats so folks can use Netscape or whatever and
then access sites and links.

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