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Maouse maouse at FULTON-NET.COM
Sun Nov 12 03:39:11 CET 2000


  Thought you all would like a status on what's what:
1) I am writing from my brother's house.  He is the owner of a complete set
of powers and perils crispy new, already cut, in plastic, complete with
book five, tower of the dead, etc... etc... etc...
2) Wout has graciously given permission to copy his site off the internet,
which is nice of him and easy enough for me to do.
3) I am in the process of thinking over the spell list description
implementation into a database (Floyd, I'll get you a copy on Tues, plain
text since it's 146k or less zipped).
4) I am going to scan EVERYTHING in.  Initially this is TIF I believe.
This ORIGINAL will be put on the CD.  Once in TIF I will use some FREE FOR
15 DAYS OCR App to convert it/read it.  There are a few good ones out there
and it won't cost me anything to do it this way.  I will then of course
have to read it all (while doing this I'd imagine, so pray for me and my  Once in DOC or whatever format (Hopefully with images of all
the grey boxes, etc...) I will strip off the boxes and pictures and get
just plain text.
5) This plain text will be added to the database/app I have already created.
6) The DOC file will already be searchable using WORD, but I will have my
brother convert (for free once again) the DOC to a PDF.  These will be by
book I imagine (so you may have to wait for them to load!).  But they will
also be searchable and readable on almost any PC nowadays.

So, my plans so far are:
All the P&P stuff will be on the CD in TIF, DOC, PDF, AND Plain Text.  The
Character creator, Creature creator, Character Class NPC creator, Regular
NPC creator(yet to be made), and Treasure Generator (yet to be made) will
also be on the CD.  This at this point is looking like a Visual Basic
executable runable from anyone that has the CD (I will have an installer if
needed, etc... so you won't need MSAccess). I have legal access to a copy
of VB6.0 Developer. All the Information concerning the Game from Wout's
site will be on the CD (and in the apps as needed).  The Site will
basically be "replicated" on the CD Drive letter(with references changed to
the cd's drive "hopefully"-any help from Wout would be nice concerning how
to pluck this from the registry in HTML or what have you).

IF anyone would like to help OCRing a book it would be greatly appreciated
(as the skill section alone took about 2 hours, but that with a scribbled
in copy - Now I have a cherry copy to use).

IF anyone would be interested in adding any new ideas for the CD I'm open
to suggestions (if a format is bad, if you need a certain format, etc..).
Please remember that additional formats may imply additional work, and if I
don't have legal access to a developement app I'm probably not going to use

OK, now onto other stuff:
The spell alternatives idea; LOVE IT.  That's why I want to clasify all the
durations, ranges, etc...  Then I can have the same spell use different
ranges etc... for different mages.  This idea rocks.  It also means I can
throw out most of the Super Powers stuff, and just say they have innates
(taking from energy level, although I think pools is a good idea
for "powers").  Then I can vary them enough to make them different, without
changing the game mechanics.

Whew... well, goodnight folks,
-Marcel aka maouse at

ps. sorry to all those who posted their addresses on here, you probably
should have private e-mailed me (not that I'm going to do anything, but
just for regular Inet security and all).  Scott, you can wait all you want
oh most gracious GM (LOL, can you hear the sucking void noises coming from
up here in Ohio?).

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