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>Ps. historically "bad" and botched executions usually led to the
>executioner's demise... this is why the guiotine was used, because it worked
>(mostly anyway).  The "professional" executioner still checked the rig and
>pulled the cord and was a much needed part of the process.  It also allowed
>the executioner a "blamee", ie. darn machine didn't work! rather than, I
>didn't set it up right or my axe/sword wasn't sharp enough...  this allowed
>the executioner to continue executing.

Yeah.  In England or France I forget which.  I remeber reading about one who
up a state execution of royalty and because this was such a bad thing he was
by his second.  I think it was england since they (royalty and such)
by such people "ok" and if it messed up like instead of a not so instant death
was a insult to that person even though everyone usually hated the person.
That whole chivalry thing.

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