Maouse maouse at FULTON-NET.COM
Tue Mar 6 19:29:14 CET 2001

Concerning these items and breakability -

I typically rule that "magic items" don't break the same as other items.
I apply the rules for FV to them as well when creation is done. In other
words, if a mage wishes to "toughen up" a bag (for instance) which he is
also enhancing with say indetectability and extra size I allow it. I also
allow (if he knows how to MAKE one) him to MAKE a bag that has an AV and DR
as well as FV. Conceivably this could end up being one heck of a
miscelaneous thrown weapon if you also added +WS +to hit(especially when
properly weighted and filled with oil and followed with a torch...). It
could make a nice "concealed" bedroll also, with an enhanced AV.

I also apply the following - any spell castable held within any wand or
staff WILL be cast when it is destroyed... but please don't think this is
as tawdry as it first appears. What I am saying is that the MANA is
released. SO: If an item is capable of say 3 EL4 fireballs in a day, 3 are
cast... IN A RANDOM DIRECTION (this gets rid of the whole "player abuse"
issue of "snapping the wand towards them"). Alternately I use the wand or
staff ITSELF as the castor... ie. cold and such affect everyone within
range including the weilder.

Grenades in melee are still possible... try a EL 6 Destruction Wand...
Hehehe... Then Go visit an Upper World Alal for some real destruction (if
you double the EL for upper it becomes an EL 20 destruction, only about a
1900 MILE radius of destruction). Even in the lower world they can cast it
to level a city in a single casting (about 3 mi radius!)... They are my new
#1 "most bitchin'" creature (we are currently travelling in the upper world
and met one who cast and leveled an entire hell in an attempt to kill us -
we teleported away - lucky for us the "blast area" was contained by the
hell's border - 40 dam per phase is unliveable).


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