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None of my games got to the point that aging mattered, but I would probably
do something like the following (based on the RQ system)

Upon reaching the age of 40, and for each year afterwards, roll 2d6:

2, 12 = 4 losses
3,11 = 3 losses
4,10 = 2 losses
5,9 = 1 loss
6-8 = no loss

For each loss, roll 1d10 to determine the point of reduction
1-2) Strength
3) Stamina
4) Constitution
5) Dexterity
6) Agility
7) Appearance
8) Eloquence
9-10) No reduction.

Each reduction is by the current multiplier for that attribute, rounded
down, applied to the maximum. Thus a character with a strength multiplier of
x4 loses 4 points of strength on a reduction there.  Reduction in appearance
and eloquence reflect general deterioration of the body.

Optionally, the reduction can be 3 points or the multiplier (whichever is
lower).  This allows execptional people (with x4 multipliers) a bit more
staying power.

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   For aging, I recomend setting a "Prime Age", and with each year past
this, rolling a percentile. Every stat that it is lower than, reduce the
maximum and current by one.

Scott Adams <longshot at DARKTECH.ORG> wrote:

Ok. List died down heres

Stupid Question #2 to get some folks talking :)

Have anyone done some serious aging rules? I know many game systems out
(at least
many that I have) have aging rules for older folks). Obviously not everyone
just dies at
35. So an older sea captain might exist for example.

Anyone done up rules for stat/attribute factors and skill increases in

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