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At 08:53 PM 7/29/04 -0800, you wrote:
>In Book 4, p.31 Attribute Effect items are discussed. It gives a limit of
>one item that affects up to 1d3* characteristics. More items will negate
>each other.
>So why couldn't a sufficiently skilled wizard make an attribute boosting
>item that affects more than 3 characteristics. I can see where only the
>biggest boost to a particular stat applies, but why do they negate each
>Do Natural Magical Materials that boost attributes also follow these rules?
>Personally I don't really want any of them negated by the presence of other

On a purely mystical oriented situation I could see why there is some
A Strength item for example improves the body strength (muscles) while
those parts toughen up the person may lose agility as they get bigger and
more awkard.   Or say a Eloquence item might interfere with Inteligence
magic since that part of the brain that improes eloquent thoughts may shift
brain power from sheer normal thought.  Ok.  So that's not a articulate
answer but its a rough idea of why I could see some of the negation.  To me
its more a referee thing than X negates Y.

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