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At 10:55 AM 12/19/04 -0600, you wrote:
>Hey guys,
>    Just downloaded the new version. I've only glanced through it, but
>    right away I see that it is far more dependant on the Perilous
>    Lands setting, which I know most of you will be thrilled with, but
>    for those like myself that don't like that world, it does make
>    things a little more difficult to use. Not hugely so, and it's not
>    really a problem to work around, but I thought it worth commenting
>    on. I'll admit, I was absolutely aghast at seeing slave ownership
>    on the Special Events table now. That's definitely getting edited
>    out of my copy. :) I know 'slave' is mentioned as a title on the
>    Station table, but in that case it's just an example of what that
>    station could be interpreted as, if a world has slavery. Seeing a
>    table that assumes slavery is the norm, however, and where a
>    character can begin the game owning one, is just plain disturbing.

A slave is a term that may not denote a guy over some gal whipping her to
do his bidding.  A ref can define a slave as a servant, bond-servant,
or even a wage earning slave.  Ancient times had all those versions.  In
fact some cultures slaves had important roles in the family from educator
to trainer of various skills.  Not the slave that we tend to know working
farms.  One could simply say the slave was 'won' in a game or inherited and
the player has no olbligation to TREAT him as a slave.  in fact he could
free him.  So I could see it as a valid event even if you don't like slavery .

>    The halfbreed tables and descriptions are interesting, but I don't
>    understand several assumptions given that seem completely
>    arbitrary. If the mother was human, you absolutely must have been
>    raised as a human? Heh, that leaves my main character of 20 years
>    out. He's a halfbreed elf, and his father was human, mother elven,
>    and he was raised [mostly] in human society. Oops. :)
>    Heck, I've allowed halfbreeds for years, and I always just let the
>    story fill in those sorts of details, and dictate what he or she
>    could have been taught, etc. All that leaves is balancing out the
>    racial traits, which I usually just average. If there's a racial
>    ability involved, in most cases it's diminished, but occasionally
>    it is completely absent, or even, rarely, fully intact (dominant
>    parental gene or something).
>    It is kinda fun to envision some of the totally bizarre,
>    completely obscene combinations you can come up with by mixing
>    listed races. :) First thing that came to mind when looking at the
>    table was some big, ginormous Troll and a cute little faerry
>    shambling off into the sunset, hand in hand. God, can you imagine
>    *those* kids? <Shiver>

Never seen Shrek? :)

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