[PnP] Dedication

Alex Koponen akoponen at mosquitonet.com
Thu Dec 23 22:19:03 CET 2004

Thank you for you response regarding Dedication. Actually, I also think 
it makes magic even more powerful than it already is, which is not 
necessarily a good thing. Our (Fairbanks) group has allowed it since the 
beginning but it certainly is Scott's prerogative to disallow it.

Wout's point "So you just made a magic skin, which can hold 2 quarts of 
wine if the person or force who it is dedicated to holds it, and one 
half quart if held by someone else?" certainly points out a logical 
flaw. Perhaps the skin would burst if handed to someone else?

Richard says "The maker, in this case, must be capable of casting the 
spell at EL8." Does this mean that in Dedicating weapons the caster can 
only cast the enchantments at half the EL he is capable of?

                    Alex K 

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