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>Hey Thank you very much!
>I priced it at $20 via Paypal and it's yours. again it's the complete game 
>with Character Sheets (on a pad), the Perilous Lands box set (complete in 
>excellent shape) and 2 copies of The Tower of the Dead (no sense in me 
>keeping a copy:). And I guess $5 bucks to cover the shipping and handling 
>( I think that might be enough... maybe I could make it reciever pays 
>shipping).I know thats a steal but they will be better used by someone else.
>Best Regards,
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> >I forwarded your offer to the Powers and Perils mailing list. Given the
> > large number of P&P enthusiasts that frequent this list, it is your best
> > opportunity to sell these items.
> >
> > Good luck,
> > Wout
> >
> > At 05:33 19/12/2004, you wrote:
> >>I have the following box sets looking for a home Powers & Perils, Perilous
> >>Lands and 2 copies of Tower of the Dead. Boxes are in Good condition and
> >>booklets in great shape. Also have some of the Character Sheets on a pad.
> >>If you or anyone you know is interested make an offer and I will ship them.
> >>
> >>Hope you can help me find them a home... it would be a shame to not have
> >>them appreciated.
> >>
> >>Best Regards,
> >>
> >>Jason Borean
> >
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