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Nice points here. I've had to struggle with a few of these, myself. Now, a dedication does effect the ENCHANTMENT, itself, so extending it to ensorcellment would only extend the uses per day and the MAXIMUM level it could handle. I usually allow it for these uses.
With the container, I usually allow it as normal. In the hands of an appropriate being, they can use the full capacity. In no hands, it uses whatever is appropriate at the full EL. In all other hands, only half the EL applies. So that skin would hold 2 qt for the maker, 1 quart if left alone, and 1/2 quart taken by anyone else. What happens when it passes hands or is set down? Well, if further magics are not used to prevent it, it spills all over the place. If the difference is large enough, it may burst. 
If the maker uses further magic, the excess may remain, but be unavailable (about x4 costs), shift to a keg in his home (Teleport Ward Pact), or even spray specifically on the new bearer, if any (intellect). This is just how I handle these problems, though.
The problem I run into is the designation "Maker", even in blood-line unless the maker is of a specific and notable bloodline. I would allow getting very specific (male Marentian Balance Wizard of Mid Power (MEL 6-10), for example), or even allow the dedication to be tied to the bearer of something (a Zhenda Warrior with a Dragon Scale blessed by the Dragon Lodge), but not a specific person or family line lower than (station 6 with a noteable record) or station 10, without other reason for noteworthiness. One that has worked for my players was "<type> shaman, currently oriented and affected by <herb>". There needs to be a way for things to be "taken away" for use by others, imho.
Oh, and when I run, the components for dedicating an item usually require that the subject they are removed from no longer live. hmmm... perhaps I should allow self-dedicated items... (for liches only)

Wout Broere <broere at powersandperils.org> wrote:
Rule number one: The GM is always right. That also means that in different 
games, slightly different rules may apply. So even if I give my 
interpretation of the rules, this essentially is only a guideline, and 
should have no impact on Scotts decision.

Focusing on items, not weapons, first. Enchantment allows you to increase 
the quality of an item, example is for size of container. Ensorcellment 
allows items to cast spells. Enchantment does not grant such powers.

There is a spell enchanted dedication, but this states it is for weapons 
(not even a mention of armor, let alone anything else). Granted there is a 
loophole, as the spell mentions that items can be dedicated. Even so, if 
items were allowed under this spell, this would improve the enchantment for 
some persons. So you just made a magic skin, which can hold 2 quarts of 
wine if the person or force who it is dedicated to holds it, and one half 
quart if held by someone else?

Problem is: there is no spell dedicated ensorcellment, which is what you 
are looking for.

In my game, the item you are looking for would not exist.

And there should be something in the books, somewhere, if I remember 
correctly, written by Richard, stating that the rules are not "set in 
stone" and that each GM should be able, and even willing, to expand and/or 
modify the rules to fit his or hers game environment. I just couldn't find 
it when looking.

My two cents, for what they are worth.

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