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I don't see any reason why items other than weapons could not be dedicated. 
The maker, in this case, must be capable of casting the spell at EL8. Also, 
whether it applies for a specific individual (and heirs of his blood 
thereafter) it must be dedicated to a specific influence as well. The 
additional EL applies vs that influence and is EL2 for anything else.
     Also, as Wout said, the rules are guidelines. What matters is what the 
Referee wishes to allow. Talk to the Ref and work it out.

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>Permanent Magics has a sub-spell called Dedication. The question has arisen 
>as to whether it can be applied to other things and spells than weapons.
>I had been planning to use it to dedicate a brooch and ensorcel it with 
>Watchful Sleep, doubling the EL from 4 to 8 for one person but halving the 
>EL to 2 for all others that might use it.
>Scott says that he reads Dedication as only applying to weapons and that my 
>interpretation would be too powerful. However he would listen and probably 
>defer to Richard Snider's answer.
>What say you, Oh Wise One.   :)
>What interpretation do you give it after dedicating some thought to it.
>                Alex K
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