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Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Fri Dec 24 19:37:11 CET 2004

At 08:33 AM 12/23/04 -0500, you wrote:
>I don't see any reason why items other than weapons could not be dedicated. 
>The maker, in this case, must be capable of casting the spell at EL8. Also, 
>whether it applies for a specific individual (and heirs of his blood 
>thereafter) it must be dedicated to a specific influence as well. The 
>additional EL applies vs that influence and is EL2 for anything else.
>     Also, as Wout said, the rules are guidelines. What matters is what the 
>Referee wishes to allow. Talk to the Ref and work it out.

I appreciate the comments from you and Wout.  In fact I learn alot from
other GMs and Refs in the rules.  So I appreciate any comments.  I read the
rules 20 years ago and never changed my view of Dedication.  So likely
won't now.  Its for weapons only (Excaluburs, Stormbringers, Sword of
Lifes..etc).  Once you start using it for other items in my universe that
means the bad guys can and life gets tougher and magic power grows greatly
to a level of abuse.  So I rather not step over that line.  Doubling the
value of items like some spells out there is cause for alarm.

I skimmed the new b2 stuff.  I see you added about 20 of my spells.  I'm
honored.  I may not be too creative in this list over the decade or
whatever it seems like but I do get creative once in a blue moon :)  So I'm
honored to be in there.  You might want to make a note though it is mine so
if folks hate the spells they can blame me and not you :)  I rather your
name not get slammed.  Seriously though nice variation on some of them
since they did need work.  I was surprised to see Entropy there.  Boy
that's a difficult spell for a Ref to deal with and takes great deal of
imagination.  I've only used it like 3 times in 20 years all fun times but
it can be interesting and under a very good GM fun.  I like your mist
powers and other new stuff too.  Great job.  Maybe I skimmed too fast but
didn't see Druidic magic.  I'll have to look next month closer when I get
more time.  Did see Neutral spells though.  I probably overlooked it.

Good job!  

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