[PnP] missiles

Alex Koponen akoponen at mosquitonet.com
Fri Dec 24 21:38:50 CET 2004

Traditional ways to have a missile do more damage is to make it more 
accurate and/or to impart more energy to it. The basic enchantment spell 
can do either, cast twice it does both.

If it has more energy it should also have a longer range, say +10% per 
+1 to the WSB. The possibility exists that the enchantment merely makes 
an arrow sharper, not faster. That doesn't really hold up with sling 
bullets. Though the idea of a denser sling bullet might make sense. 
(Lead does work better than stone). Perhaps multiple enchantments could 
make an arrow both sharper AND faster (not to mention more accurate)? 
Maybe a denser, faster and more accurate sling bullet is just the thing 
to take down the Goliaths of the Perilous Lands?

Another possibility for enchanting a weapon is to change the missile. 
Just as enchantment can be used to have a waterskin hold more liquid yet 
still weigh the same, so to could a sling be enchanted to hold a larger 
missile yet sling it with the same speed. Basic physics tells us that 
the larger missile would have more energy and thus could do more damage. 
Presumably one could also enchant it to be more accurate and to do more 
damage by imparting more energy to it. Of course, the larger missiles 
would cost more and likely be special order items.

        Ideas to ponder...
                                            Alex Koponen 

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