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At 11:21 AM 12/24/04 -0900, you wrote:
>One thing I've noticed several times over the years is the limited info 
>P&P has about Elven Bows.
>They have a +2WSB and take 90 days to make. They can be used by weak 
>individuals. They only weigh half as much (as a regular bow?). 
>Presumably because they are elven they cost 40 times as much as a 
>regular bow. Availability of 10%.
>Nothing about ranges. Are there longbow and composite bow versions of 
>elven bows? Even (gasp!) crossbow versions?

I always used basic Ranges for the Bows.  Nothing differnet here.  
I always saw Elven bows as just bows thus no crossbow ersion unless there
is some rare smith who wants to use it.  When I picture elven archers in
fantasy genre out there its always a bow or short bow nothing more.

>Logically a (non-magical) missile that does more damage does so by a 
>change in the missile, by being more accurate or by having greater 
>kinetic energy. Nothing indicates that there is any change in the 
>missile (arrow) from one bow to the next. Accuracy is covered by other 
>The greater WSB implies that Elven bows, and to a lesser extent 
>longbows, impart a greater amount of kinetic energy than composite or 
>regular bows and that all of them impart more energy than shortbows.
>If more energy is imparted, it makes sense that the effective range will 
>be longer as well having greater damage at any particular range. Thus 
>high strength and magical bows should have their ranges increased, 
>perhaps 10% per +1 to the WSB.
>Indeed, I believe we could simplify missiles and have one generic range 
>for arrows, another for sling bullets (with a shorter range for rocks 
>than for lead), etc. These ranges would then be modified by the WSB 
>[Sidenote: The * marking for bows on the weapon table, indicating that 
>they need both hands to load but can be fired with one hand I believe is 
>incorrect. Firing of a selfbow takes both hands. Also, since bolts fired 
>from a repeating crossbow can't have fletching (else they jam) the range 
>should be fairly short, shorter than 16.]

I'm up to changes but system works for me :)   As to the side note.
History channel last weekend had a special on Armor and Weapons.  They
showed that a self bow can be fired with one hand and on horseback.  It was
a quick 30 second deal but I believe it was the self bow as they later
talked about the bows on horseback with riders and gave examples.
Interesting mini series as it showed some aspects of weapons and armor
didn't know.

>Another concept I am pondering is to have the line on the combat table 
>for missiles be determined by: MCV - DCV
>MCV = CEL + EL + 6 - range fraction.
>where range fraction is measured in increments of tenths of the range of 
>the weapon with the archer's EL subtracting from the roll and the 
>target's shield EL adding to the roll. [Yes, this counts EL twice. Sort 
>of like EL in spells is also doubled.]
>    CEL is useful for anticipating where the target will be when the 
>missile reaches that range (or for anticipating where the missiles will 
>hit and avoiding that spot).
>    If one discounts CEL + EL in determining Missile Combat Value you 
>are left with 6 - range fraction. This translates into line 5 at ranges 
>of 1/10th or less of the bow's range (point blank); line 0 at 6/10ths of 
>the bow's range; line -4 at the bow's base range and continues at lower 
>lines at extended ranges.

Too late to consider the suggestion as brain is working on minimal power :)
But that seems to at first glance ADD math to the thing and we need to
actually limit that as its the main drawback for the game for most.

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