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>   Quarrels has been argued (for HOURS) in my games. Quarrels makes people in
> range fight. They cannot distinguish friend from foe. It does not FORCE them
> to attack their allies, just to attack. A solitary invisible wizard can
> total havoc with this, but if visible or with friends, it is a double edged
> sword. I think the exclusions for quarrels should be costly if the spell
> is not increased.

I think Quarrels is a good spell as it is now.  It can be well played but
are ways  around it.  For example protection/purification areas so you make it
harder to cast in such places.  

> NEW QUESTION: Druids (Humans who study sidh magics PLUS shamanism/ Elder
> Wizardry)- How does this work? In book 2, it says that they CAN take the
> other paths. What is done with starting knowledge (EP and MEP), cast
> MEL, and the like. I have played with it consolidated as well as
seperated (I
> have reasons for both). 

I've only done one druid and would have to find the guy.  But I believe he
pure shamanic spells.  I like the ancient druids legends where they had powers
to become trees and talk with trees, commune with them, etc.  So I used that a
bit in their powers.  Not so much the rune/celtic version of druids.

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