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At 12:23 PM 12/30/03 -0800, you wrote:
> Balance (the primal force behind existance) is a powerful force. This domain
> should not be toyed with lightly. Oblivion does not kill, it sends the
> to oblivion for a time. Oblivion can be theorized as a balance plane. To use
> oblivion as a dumping grounds could easily piss off the powers of balance.
> Oblivion should have a slight side effect: Any abysmal failure backfires on
> the caster. In this way, people would be less likely to waste it. When the
> victim returns, s/he WILL be peeved. Oblivion should be used to jail those
> who need time to reflect on what they have done.

If I recall the spell right you can't reflect on stuff since its timeless.

But it can make a caster think twice since if someone is returned decades
later and that wizard is old and has kids or such the whole thing could
from revenge.

Course its not stated but we must assume once the caster dies they come
back by
default.  Would be unfair otherwise :)

One game I did for a lair guardian I tried to rig up traped oblivion guardians
that would poof back automatically when entered a room.  But changed ti to
simple gurdians.

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