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At 09:19 AM 1/1/04 -0500, you wrote:
>Another way to handle effective MEL for gods would be different and possibly
>more reasonable from a campaign standpoint. The MEL would be (CL
>squared)+12. Potential EL is half of MEL RU. If you need a relative ranking
>of power relative to other gods, square the CL. That yields a divine rank of
>16 for CL 4 and 81 for CL9. To figure chance that one could pound another,
>look at it as an odds ratio with the rating yielded being a HPV for divine
>If for some reason you wish to make that "HPV" compatible with the mortal
>world, add a zero to the end then add 30. Thus CL2 god would have HPV 70,
>CL7 HPV 520.
>Have a good year.

Gods with hpv? hehe....figure being immortal they'd have mucho regeneration
abilitiy anyways.  I hate to say it but I like the way the old TV series
Hercules dealt with their gods.  They were there to cause damage but also
had their limits and could be killed.  Its not a perfect world but
something to look at.

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