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Fri Jan 16 15:44:07 CET 2004

(yea, so I'm antsy about it :}

I'm sure we'd all like to see P&P back out there.  I do think we need to
collape the number of rules mechanics down so that we don't have these
special case resolution systems for each skill (or so it seems), and to make
it easy for new people to pick it up.  What I saw of the "P&P v2" draft
looked pretty much like v1...I hope this is not what you were thinking,

Any way you can throw some of the "stickier" rules to the list to hash out
and polish up?  Perhaps even go through the books a subsection at a time
(perhaps one sub section at a time, discussing it for a week or 25 messages,
whichever comes first :).

I want to play in the Perilous Lands, and I want to use a system tailored
for it.  But we do need to smooth out the existing system...us old-timers
have no problem with complexity, but rules make-work doesn't sell very well
nowdays, and the new gamers are too lazy to dive into needless rule detail.

That and the fact that the new rules should not look like a military manual
in layout. :}  See rule 1.0.403. :}
    -- Burton

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