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Jim Gianoglio goldworthy at ADELPHIA.NET
Mon Jan 19 20:42:22 CET 2004

I agree with Burton. I am a long time fan of P&P but I have to say the
newer streamlined systems are much better than the older systems. The
problem with number crunching systems like original P&P is the use of the
rules interferes with the Roleplaying which is where the emphasis should
be not on how realistic the system is. The most realistic and detailed
system I ever played was original Chivalry and Sorcery but it took hours
to resolve combat which is less time spent in character and roleplaying
which is what gaming is supposed to be. Roleplaying Game is what it’s
called and that is where the emphasis should be. The more transparent the
system is the more roleplaying that can be accomplished.

My group is currently playing Lord of the Rings by Decipher using the CODA
System. While not a perfect system, it was poorly edited and has tons of
errata, the game is least intrusive game I have played, and I’ve played em
all. Combat is quick and skill use is standardized no matter what skill
you are using resolution is the same so no charts or lookups are

I think P&P had many elements that were superior to everything out in the
80’s but a total rethinking of the approach is needed now twenty years
later. The comment about gamers being too lazy is partially correct but
the more I play the CODA System the more I like it. We rarely need to open
the books in the course of the average gaming session and because we have
more time to actually roleplay it’s improved everything in our game. I
have been gaming for almost 30 years and now it is the best it ever was.

I have very fond memories of playing P&P and one of my all time favorite
characters still lives in the Perilous Lands. I would love to return to
that universe and recapture the fun and adventure of those days but the
standards have changed. The game must be less intrusive in the story of
the characters and allow roleplaying to flourish.

I have been following this site for years but have contributed little. I
have little spare time due to working 2 jobs but I would be glad to give
assistance to this project of bringing  P&P into the 21st Century. While
P&P was much more realistic than LOTR I wouldn’t want to trade fun for
realism; fun is the reason we do this in the first place.

Jim Gianoglio – aka – Thorgest Gisdalsson of Djanesborg

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