Enchant requirements

Alex Koponen akoponen at MOSQUITONET.COM
Sun Jan 25 06:32:05 CET 2004

Permanent Magics - Enchantment requires that the item to be enchanted be
'created with his own hands from VIRGIN material.'

One - I think that doing so should give you bonuses while enchanting
something you just picked out of someone's trashbin would give you
penalties. Quality should matter as should familiarity with the object.
Also an object that is new might be less 'resistant' to being enchanted.

Two - What is virgin material? Say I have an armorer/enchanter who wants
to enchant some quilted armor. Does he buy a bolt of cloth and sew the
quilted armor then enchant it? Does it require that he weave the cloth?
(Does armorer cover that or must he also be a weaver?) Does it require he
sheer the sheep and spin the warn or pick the cotton?

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