Skill resolution mechanics

Alex Koponen akoponen at MOSQUITONET.COM
Mon Jan 26 20:12:31 CET 2004

So a rewrite of Herbalist might be something like:
  A Herbalist can roll on the <Combat/Magic/Everything> Table to find OR
properly prepare medicinal plants and other natural material. The referee
will determine the baseline based on the environment ranging from -20 in
the dunes of a sandswept desert through -5 for intensely cultivated
farmland or northern forests, 0 for normal temperate forests, +5 for Jungle
and up to +20 for a well maintained herb garden. EL times the rarity factor
is subtracted from the roll. <Book 3 or 4 listing rarity factors and the
multiplier or divisor to be used for each plant.>
   Success/Hit will indicate recognition OR proper preparation of the item.
Severe Hit will indicate double quantity or fine quality. Deadly Hit will
indicate both fine quality and quantity. A Shield hit/Partial Success
indicates the the Herbalist is unsure of his analysis and will require
further study OR that the preparation made is 20% (Referee secretly rolls
2D10%) too weak or too strong. If too strong, the Percentage Chance-(C/5),
round up, is the chance that it will kill the imbiber.
  If the Herbalist fails ...

OR perhaps The Herbalist skill is used for searching for medicinal plants
OR properly preparing ... To find a medicinal plant use the lower of the
character's Herbalist or Survival (in that environment) skill...

By the way, why does City have a 50% base chance and 3 yield on the hunting
success table? It is rare for game animals to wander into cities. What are
you hunting? Stray cats, dogs, rats and pigeons? If so, maybe a note
reminding the ref would be appropriate. "And on trial today is Gorgash the
Barbarian for killing and eating Mrs. Twiddle's pekinese dog on the street
in front of her house..."

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