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|| So a rewrite of Herbalist might be something like:
||   A Herbalist can roll on the <Combat/Magic/Everything>
|| Table to find OR
|| properly prepare medicinal plants and other natural
|| material. The referee
|| will determine the baseline based on the environment ranging
|| from -20 in
|| the dunes of a sandswept desert through -5 for intensely cultivated
|| farmland or northern forests, 0 for normal temperate
|| forests, +5 for Jungle
|| and up to +20 for a well maintained herb garden. EL times
|| the rarity factor
|| is subtracted from the roll. <Book 3 or 4 listing rarity
|| factors and the
|| multiplier or divisor to be used for each plant.>
||    Success/Hit will indicate recognition OR proper
|| preparation of the item.
|| Severe Hit will indicate double quantity or fine quality.
|| Deadly Hit will
|| indicate both fine quality and quantity. A Shield hit/Partial Success
|| indicates the the Herbalist is unsure of his analysis and
|| will require
|| further study OR that the preparation made is 20% (Referee
|| secretly rolls
|| 2D10%) too weak or too strong. If too strong, the Percentage
|| Chance-(C/5),
|| round up, is the chance that it will kill the imbiber.
||   If the Herbalist fails ...

I'm not sure if we want to use the combat table (or even a combat-tableoid
thing) unless it could be regularized in some way.

A while back I was doing some research on revamping the table (if you plot
out the effectiveness curves (actual % per line for each level of success)
in excel it looks real wierd).  I found that in going from some lines on the
table to the next higher linn you actually LOST effectiveness (i.e lose 1%
of severe to get 1% of normal, etc).  I had figured out a regularized table
of percentages that, while not as "smooth" as the existing normal hit
chance, it was more consistent.  In this case I actually figured out a power
curve that fit the shield hit chance and modeled from there.

|| OR perhaps The Herbalist skill is used for searching for
|| medicinal plants
|| OR properly preparing ... To find a medicinal plant use the
|| lower of the
|| character's Herbalist or Survival (in that environment) skill...

|| By the way, why does City have a 50% base chance and 3 yield
|| on the hunting
|| success table? It is rare for game animals to wander into
|| cities. What are
|| you hunting? Stray cats, dogs, rats and pigeons? If so, maybe a note
|| reminding the ref would be appropriate. "And on trial today
|| is Gorgash the
|| Barbarian for killing and eating Mrs. Twiddle's pekinese dog
|| on the street
|| in front of her house..."

That's what I figured it was, that or garbage picking.

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