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   My wife mentioned a few ideas she implemented when she ran, and it reminded me of an OLD idea I had. I don't know if anyone here played the first production of Star Frontiers by TSR. It came with 2 games. They used the same idea with Marvel Super Heros.
   The Basic game included enough to get people familiarized with the rules, and how all the points worked. It had no heavy character development, and oversimplified most aspects. It was not quite enough to consider a game, but it was playable.
   The advanced rules included all the details for fleshing out an individual character, and giving them personalized strengths and weaknesses. All the rules for skill use and character development were presented in a manner that overwhelmed me when I first saw it. After I took a step back, and played around with the basic rules for a little while, however, it all started to make sense.
   This type of a presentation could help P&P. We have all admitted that while we can understand the system, it is a bit imposing to new players. A mini-primer could greatly help to put the game in terms people can understand enough to see how excellent of a system it is.
  Some recommendations for this would be to:
Set skills as have or have-not, and roll based on stats.
Not allow, or only allow a specialized type of spell-caster.
Keep combat skills as are.
Remove most character advancement. Start with attributes maxed.
Shorten character creation, and remove multiplication.
   IMHO, the minigame could help people get into the unique way that P&P is played, but allow them to be able to compare it to other systems. This would help new players to connect to the game, and get a feel for it. When ready, they would be able to dive head-long into the complications we all love so much.
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